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New Profile Posts

  1. Maly
  2. Neil London
    Neil London
    Playing with a lot of different mechanics to put into a single game. I will probably make a couple small games to test mechanics.
  3. Riku Masamune
    Riku Masamune
    Decided to join for plugins and stuff...
  4. Remix
  5. Isaac The Red
    Isaac The Red
    Officially started supporting yanfly on patreon. It's not that much, but his work helps so much. Least I can do is buy him a drink.
    1. MinisterJay
      Sorry to hear that. His plugins give MV Support the most headaches.
      Jan 22, 2017 at 5:57 PM
    2. Isaac The Red
      Isaac The Red
      Most problems I've come across involving yanfly plug-ins with the people I've helped have smoothed out nicely by fixing plugin install order. And in some cases fixing js syntax in lunatic mode tags. But yea, given his plug-ins are some of the most widely used, I can see it being true. Lol. I happen to really enjoy his work. So Imuch supporting it with my wallet. :3
      Jan 22, 2017 at 10:15 PM
  6. DireDimes
    Working on THREE projects at the same time ! O.O
  7. BernardoGarcia
    http:// beslack. wixsite.com/ beslack
  8. Shineypawn
    I tried to participate in different projects, no luck until now. But the search has been inspiring :)
  9. AnotherNPC
    Make Games Only for fun
  10. Cyanide
    Trying out Krita... Looks quite good. But still have to test it with wacom cintiq. But somehow some things are unnecessary complicated.
  11. Isaac The Red
    Isaac The Red
    Ok, so, I'm homeless, that's why I've been a ghost for so long. I'm spending like all of my time on basic survival.
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    2. MinisterJay
      I understand what you are going through. We were homeless and had vehicle repossessed before. Have faith. You will make it through this rough time.
      Jan 17, 2017
    3. Isaac The Red
      Isaac The Red
      This isn't the first time I've been homeless, just its a little annoying this time around. Having just started my YT channel and such it just threw a giant wrench into my plans.
      Jan 17, 2017
    4. Isaac The Red
      Isaac The Red
      Since I cant use my desktop right now, I'm stuck on laptop. Not entirely a big deal there, but being homeless I don't have a 'quiet' space to do videos. Hardware downgrade is a bit of an annoyance but the lack of a good work space really gets in the way.
      Jan 17, 2017
  12. Lore
    After a weekend where my computer wouldn't load anything but the RMMV forums main page, I have finally cleared my backlog of alerts.
  13. Xyphien
  14. walkinthru
    Working hard or hardly working
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    1. Lore
      Working hard AT hardly working :D
      Jan 15, 2017
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  15. Chago
    Currently working on a Game based on my Light Novel.
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  16. Cunechan
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  17. Xilefian
    Can people please tell me how smoothly this MV title-screen runs for them? https://goo.gl/U0lSj6 web (no download)
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    1. MinisterJay
      After about a minute of seeing the Loading Message, I received an "unspecified error" message.
      Jan 12, 2017
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    2. Xilefian
      That's an unhelpful Internet Explorer crash (Microsoft Edge?). I'm guessing you're on a low-spec machine?
      Jan 13, 2017
      MinisterJay and Lore like this.
  18. Axel
    I've been proving the new RPG Smile Game Builder Demo. It's so cool that I started creating little resource pack for MV :)
  19. Axel
    I'll start again soon with my game and projects :) Happy to be back
  20. Axel
    WoW, back again in RPG MAKER MV's world, the page looks so cool :) I have already updated the plugins I've downloaded...