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New Profile Posts

  1. GregorySteve
    Hey there, just here to take resources hehe
  2. Theonean
    Theonean Lore
    Hey there Lore i have a quick(or not so quick) question about RPG Maker MV. I couldn't find a way to make a direct message so im doing this on your profile page. hope that doesnt bother too much. The problem is as follows: im trying to change tiles after someone has spoken to someone else(in a if statement) however i cant find the according thing to do it. might you have any ideas?
  3. Lore
    Hey folks! Apologies for not being around in recent weeks. Been helping my folks move house.
  4. Starbird
    new garden tileset posted. this one's free! (not RTP edits though)
  5. Zabber
    Trying to learn, sorry if I'm bothering...
    1. MinisterJay
      If you are having specific challenges, you can ask about them in the MV Support section. :)
      Sep 19, 2017 at 8:47 AM
  6. Zabber
    Hmmm... Trying to learn, any tips? :)
    1. MinisterJay
      I recommend to dive right in. Making those early mistakes actually help a lot. Experiment with the game engine.
      Sep 19, 2017 at 8:48 AM
  7. MinisterJay
  8. Killer Gin
    Killer Gin
    After 3 months, 400+ hours, Killer Gin is back with a new Demo baby! Yeah!
  9. Lightcycler
    Working on Le Renard!
  10. Tarno
    RPG Maker is so much fun, learning new stuff every day
    MinisterJay likes this.
  11. Ross Wolfson
  12. Jojozityjo
  13. CeroZero
  14. CeroZero
    Hey folks, sorry for the lack of updates, life is going all kinds of crazy, but in the midst I've been able to compose a little.
  15. Mr.Anderson
    https://vid.me/MrAnderson Now on vidme :D Exciting to be on something different than youtube. Take a peek, maybe you like weird stuff :D
    Starbird likes this.
  16. Starbird
    huge resource package posted with tilesets and batttle backs galore.
  17. Vnan
    trying his best
  18. CynicSyndrome
    I know how to show a picture, and I know how to rotate a picture, but how do you bind the rotating picture to the map?
  19. Jack Darkness
    Jack Darkness
    Hello everyone
  20. MattiMoso
    Working on eduactional Farminggame..