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Companion Wulf
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  • New plugins comin'. Started with MADO Missing Window Fix. Gonna do something with the QEngine, but what?! RPG Maker Times blog updated too.
    Working on "The Gladiator Program" project again, rewriting the TGP Engine from scratch before working on the game proper again for 2019!
    Haven't been very active here, but been active on MV and SGB. "Time's like a rock. It don't move but the world around you does." -Tryggr
    The nightmare that happened to other people and their plugins with the update....has happened to me! My plugins need to be updated too. Meh!
    Good news! Transferred my old MV plugins from Dinosaur, so now they can be developed on Beast, including the QEngine. Gonna rewrite it!
    Seems to be a sudden interest in my plugins. Isn't that incentive to rekindle MV? Will have to make some sacrifices, but that's fine, right!
    I haven't been active with MV at all focused more on SGB. Maybe sometime in the future I'll get back to it and update all my plugins. Maybe.
    Haven't been active, sooo busy! But new year, determined that strict micro-time management will change that. Finally got Discord so TTYT.
    The entire RPG Maker Times network is down due to a DDoS. Hopefully it'll be resolved as soon as Dreamhost is able to. Then back to normal.
    sorry to hear that -- people can be so awful
    Companion Wulf
    Companion Wulf
    They can indeed. It's up and running again, it seems, and took 3 hours to sort the mess out, but kudos to Dreamhost. :)
    Updating my Social Media Buttons plugin. Been a year since the last one. Will include YouTube, maybe others. Also updating/cleaning it up.
    "The Gladiator Program: Cabal" is now officially in development for RPG Maker MV. Main focus is graphics, with the TGP Engine also underway.
    that's awesome! not sure if any of my tilesets would be useful, but i'd be happy to send whatever i have to you for free to say thanks for everything you've done for the community here. just pm me your email if interested :)
    Companion Wulf
    Companion Wulf
    @Starbird Thank you!! Not sure yet, as I'm trying to design them all from scratch, but if I end up scratching my head instead, I'll let you know. I do like a number of your resources, so...
    Been working on the QEngine. Which brightspark decided it would be a good idea for a main core engine? Oh, wait, that was me! 0_0
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