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  1. 2 years of service Be registered for 2 years! Unlocked: Jan 11, 2019


Help support the forum by purchasing a Sponsored Membership or becoming a Partner.
  • Points: 20

Yeah, We noticed you!

You have went above and beyond to help out RMMV out in various ways. From either making a Youtube Video of the Forums, shouting out the forums on social media, following our social media, creating lots of graphics, Created some amazing RMMV.co only resources, etc.
  • Points: 30

Happy Birthday!

Have a birthday!
  • Points: 1

Light User

Use the light theme.
  • Points: 2

Dark User

Use the dark theme at least once.
  • Points: 2

First Come, First Served

Join the forum before RPG Maker MV is/was released!
  • Points: 40


Create something for RMMV that is used on the website.
  • Points: 25


Get noticed for being nice, helpful, and generally well mannered around the forums.
  • Points: 15

Badge Hunter

Get 50 points worth of badges
  • Points: 5

Badge Addicted!

Get 100 points worth of badges!
  • Points: 10


This user has been a staff member, and has retired from his/her position.
  • Points: 35

Avid Thinker

Have an idea, suggestion, etc. get implemented into the forum!
  • Points: 20


You receive this for donating something to the forums!
  • Points: 25

Party Starter

Living up the community by making very high quality, and conversation starting posts outside of the off topic forum section. Members who actively try to engage and cause people to communicate more on the forum will receive this badge.
  • Points: 10

Yearly Anniversary

Be registered for a year.
  • Points: 10
  • Unlocked: Jan 11, 2019

2 years of service

Be registered for 2 years!
  • Points: 15
  • Unlocked: Jan 11, 2019


For donating over $100 to the forums!
  • Points: 50

Golden Plate

This badge is hand picked and awarded to those who have helped the forum immensely in some way shape or form.
  • Points: 30