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    Animated title screen help

    I'm not aware of any hosted on this site, but if you search for Animated Title Screen RPG Maker MV, you'll see that Moghunter has a couple plugins that might do what you're looking for or pretty close.
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    HPDS Jump Plugin

    This looks really neat. Will be playing with it today!
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    Modern_day resources for first game?

    the best way to do this is with a template. i'll upload one here. the way the editor reads the tilesets is as four distinctive quadrants. if you "overlap" it will still work, but it will be confusing in the editor because the image will be split up. take this template, then add a transparent...
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    Customizable Pine Tree [Paid]

    The branches all look fine -- i just mean that the trunks have the lighting hitting the right side more than the left and the convention with MV graphics is the other way around, the left slightly brighter than the right. The original version might be fine for other game-making programs, but for...
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    Customizable Pine Tree [Paid]

    the sample assets you provided look beautiful! really well done. a minor note: for RPG Maker MV assets are lit from above and slightly left. obviously a person could simply flip the images in an editor, but i'm concerned that a non-artist might miss this step and end up with mismatched object...
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    Block Scope

    yes, older versions use ES5, but current build is ES6. i'd definitely start by making sure everyone has the latest MV update.
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    Custom parallax / map (PAID)

    do you still need help with this project?
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    agreed -- it looks stellar! smart, aesthetic use of particles too

    agreed -- it looks stellar! smart, aesthetic use of particles too
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    Are Mini games good or bad?

    i think with gaming there always needs to be some kind of payoff in exchange for the player's time. it can be as small as bonus content or a little joke or easter egg, or it can be something that helps them progress in the central game, but either way, it's best if there's a little treat at the...
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    Are Mini games good or bad?

    as long as they're quick and offer some kind of real reward to the player, i think they can be great. picker boards, spin wheels, slots, plinko, or short skill game that grants a prize -- all of that can work really well. but when i'm playing an RPG i don't suddenly want to be stuck playing 10...
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    Block Scope

    good question. if your whole team is using the same version of RPG Maker MV and the same plugins in the same order (and all turned on/off the same) then i can't see why it would run on one machine and not run on another. in case you haven't read this before, here's an article on block scoping...
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    have you tried using the bush setting?
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    Need help on a battle event.

    Let me look over this again when I'm at a computer. If yanfly has something that works, at least try it out. Those scripts are amazing and usually not too hard to implement. The scripting stuff I've done is not battle focused. The battle engine is notoriously tetchy. I'm certain there's a way...
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    Need help on a battle event.

    Ohhh, I misunderstood. I thought the captain got attacked by all enemies relentlessly, not that he attacked himself. My bad!
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    Need help on a battle event.

    Hey no problem. This is going to be a bit ugly, but hopefully it helps. SET UP SWITCHES Create New Event - on map, right click any square while in event mode, select new. Top left, under conditions, click Switch checkbox Next to checkbox, click button that opens Switches window Choose two...