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The Great Downtime
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May 18, 2017 at 11:36 PM
Oct 18, 2016
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Sep 23, 1999 (Age: 17)

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Villager, Male, 17

So... I realized when trying to show my music to a friend, that was deleted bc I was inactive on my account... time to make new songs ig... May 18, 2017

Stevushka was last seen:
May 18, 2017
    1. Stevushka
      So... I realized when trying to show my music to a friend, that was deleted bc I was inactive on my account... time to make new songs ig...
    2. Stevushka
      Just finished writing the script for Part 1, Act 1, "The Ring" for my game TAT:ASRPG!!! Moving on to Act 2, "The Toy Thief" now!!!
    3. Stevushka
      Just finished the script for the tutorial segment of TAT:ASRPG! Now I have to finish the rest of the script... And design a title screen...
    4. Stevushka
      I finally finished planning out the maps! Now I can focus on writing up the script on my computer, instead of on my phone lol
    5. Stevushka
      I'm sorta torn... should I work on the script so I can get the dialogue voiced, or work on maps to I can start mapping in MV with tilesets?
    6. Stevushka
      I have so much going on right now it's like I'm playing Tetris, with the blocks being every event I'm going to in the next couple of days...
    7. Stevushka
      Just started making the tilesets for TAT:ASRPG, and I've made a template for the "inside_A4" tileset. I'll share my template with you all!
    8. Stevushka
      So much has happened lately, but an update on TAT:ASRPG is coming soon!
    9. Stevushka
      That great feeling when you come up with a really great idea for the story of your game (details in my post in "Projects under Development")
    10. Stevushka
      So, as of now, my artist has just started working on the first character! Now I just have to work on the rest of the game...
      Lore likes this.
    11. Stevushka
      I FINALLY found an artist to help me with the art! The first spritesheets and pictures for TAT:ASRPG are coming soon!
    12. Stevushka
      I haven't worked on my game because I've been working on a school project, but it's done and I'm ready to finally keep working on my game!
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    13. Stevushka
      Its not enough to share the whole project, but I'm working in the database for my game rn, adding items, skills, classes, and more!
      Lore likes this.
    14. Stevushka
      I finally started working on my game! I'll share the details of my game once I have something to show!
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    15. Stevushka
      That moment when you have to redo all of the dialogue for your game...
      Lore and MinisterJay like this.
      1. MinisterJay
        I do that a lot when modifying the prototype digital board game to a new theme.
        Dec 15, 2016
        Lore and Stevushka like this.
    16. Stevushka
      That moment when you have to change the whole structure of your game's story :P
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    Sep 23, 1999 (Age: 17)
    RM Skill:
    Hi! My name's Steven and I love video games. I'm a pretty good Designer/Programmer, but lack in the art department. I have sooo many ideas for games that I want to make, and RPG maker will help make some of those ideas a reality. I'm excited to start making games, and getting involved with this community!


    Current Status of TAT: ASRPG:
    --Design: Writing script for Part 1, Act 2, "The Toy Thief"; Designing a Title screen
    --Programming: TBH, nothing right now lol
    --Art and Sound: Working on Character Sprites and Tilesets; Recording lines for Kindergarten & Part 1, Act 1, "The Ring"
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