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MV 1.3 CT_Bolt's Stamina System 2.3b

A stamina system.

  1. CT_Bolt
    A simple stamina system per request by LadyLegend. (cool)
    What this does:
    Allows the player to set a stamina system which limits the how long the player dashes. The stamina is also stored/linked to a Game Variable set via the Parameters.

    How to use:
    All the setup is done via the Parameters for the plugin. (cool)

    For those looking to display a bar for the variable I found this by Galv...
    Variable Bar Plugin by Galv: Click Here to View
    There are many other plugin options out there for displaying game variables also. (wink)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Starbird
    Version: 2.3
    this adds some great functionality. kudos!
    1. CT_Bolt
      Author's Response
      Awww thanks Star!
      If you think of anything I could add let me know.
      I have been considering placing a gauge set by parameters.
      ...like over the Players head or fixed HUD on screen.