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MV 1.3 CT_Bolt's Stamina System 2.3b

A stamina system.

  1. Now includes CTB_TextDisplay v.1a

    Added a new preview of a plugin called CTB_TextDisplay.
    See demo for details.

    Displaying Stamina as Pecentage Requested by Corvnoir
  2. v2.3 Now when you change the stamina game variable it will also change players stamina.

    Now when you change the stamina game variable it will also change players stamina. Before stamina could only increase naturally and would then set it to a variable at the end.
  3. v2.2 Added Features. Parameter: Auto-Refill, Function: percent_of_stamina()

    v2.2 Added Features
    • Parameter: Auto-Refill
    • Function: percent_of_stamina()
  4. v2.0 Added ability to use Javascript in Parameters

    How to Use:
    Adjust the parameters to suit your needs.
    You may even use javascript in all the parameter settings.
    • ex. $gameVariables.value(2)
      Use this as any of the parameters will set that
      parameter to the value of Game Variable ID #2

    To refill stamina you can use the following:
    • Plugin Command: Refill Stamina
    • Script Call: $gamePlayer.refillStamina();
    Update per...