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Intelligence 314th Clash!

VX Intelligence 314th Clash! 2016-03-16

No permission to download
Fixes and Features:
-Removed a line in the game.ini file that was still checking for an RTP that wasn’t needed. This could cause a file-missing error when booting up if the Run-time Package wasn’t installed on the User’s computer.
-Corrected a couple in-game typos.
-Fixed an issue that caused the last few battles not to suppress battle BGM.
-Implemented the Battle Music for Maw, which was finished post-3/14-release.
-RNG Elements were removed from states.
-Blu’s HP (In the fight with Sisters of Virtue) was reduced from 120000 to 100000. This will make the hardmode a bit quicker, but more difficult for the careless.
-Added some more flavor text in the Necropolis in the room the party sleeps in.
-Updated the ending text in preparation for the true end, but it also works for the current ending.
-Some conversation text was being displayed instantly, rather than having the letter scroll effect in the final encounter, this has been corrected.
-You no longer are immune to Origination’s damage, but are revived shortly after death by a Phoenix effect.
-The help window text for the ability ‘Power to Persevere’ was correct, but the ability was working incorrectly. Now it has no mana cost, but brings Pep down to 1 HP. It’s tooltip has been updated to clarify this.
-Sacreblu’s elemental abilities can no longer be reflected, but can still be dampened. This decision was made due to the ability Hall of Mirrors had of being able to entirely trivialize the encounter.
-The Priority of in-combat resurrection abilities was brought from 10 to 999. Making it so regardless of character, a resurrection is the first action that will occur. Red Cordial’s Priority was also brought to 999. Enemy resurrection abilities remain unchanged.