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Latest reviews

This is a great idea. some my ask why and for them that don't know this is good for people with Epilepsy. Colors can give them grand mall's. You should to the hole set for the people that don't know how to use photo editors yet. @}----,----'------ a rose for u
I actually planned on that but got side tracked with another project I had been working on...just ball started rolling and next thing you know got reminded of this by you..give me a few days and I will :-)
The link no longer works.
Looking good so far. I liked the battle, the laser beam animation is very nice.
I would say make your scroll speed just a little slower.
(there are quite a lot of big words :)

Also I would suggest you move the camera up 2 or 3 squares when they start talking on the ship so I can see the space on the computer screen at the same time.

I liked the line; "you can't stop progress it's in our nature".

I think over all it looks good. I like the noises some of the machines make, very cute! :D

I only played about 20mins though, how long is your demo?
Satisfying for being a first-time game; well thought out and put together. The plot could have been longer and better detailed, but overall it tells an engrossing story for only a whimsical three day project.
It is no longer abaliable to download
Wow dude these are very very good!
The side ways computers are fantastic, they will help fill in
the space at the sides of rooms real good! Thank you!!!

The computers with flashing lights and electric are awesome!
They will make otherwise static rooms more dynamic and fun.

I love the fish in the tank haha :D
and the electro neon tubes look fab just FAB!

I'm loving the new ammo boxes and the balaclava statues with AK47s that is one of the best things iv seen!

You have put so much work into these, thank you so much for doing this and sharing your work with us all!

There is so much cool stuff to look at!

I'm going to play with it all right now! :D

Thanks again!
Dalton Sayre
Dalton Sayre
I'm happy to be of service
Exactly what I had imagined for my game, thanks!!
Something that was sorely needed, thanks
Dalton Sayre
Dalton Sayre
I thought so too. All these epic battles are bound to have casualties.
These are great! Just what I was looking for.
Thanks for sharing.
Dalton Sayre
Dalton Sayre
Glad to help
It's a really good Pluggin, it works really fine and gives your game a lot of different things to do