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Not sure where the contest judging stands, was not rating until that was over but it's been a minute so.....

The Good - The shift in genres from traditional RPG to stealth to action and back was good without being obnoxious. Everything felt in character, there were no problems there. Sneaking around did have some bugs (listed in the discussion) but was still fun. The chase sequence was also good to a point (see below).

The Neutral - You play someone who is severely overpowered compared to the opposition. This is not a good or bad thing, as essentially it's a game about Superman. A game about Superman where you punch things is boring as Superman is strong and you either have enemies who don't stand a chance or you obnoxiously make Superman not Superman. A game about Superman where you have to prioritize who you help is interesting as you're writing a game not about being overpowered, but about how no amount of powers can help you with problems that cannot be solved by punching. While I cannot predict where this game is going, it could easily go towards the latter - a game about an overpowered individual acting and reacting to a world where being stronger-faster-more resilient than everyone else is meaningless when it comes to resolving the problems being faced.

The Bad - There are a *lot* of unskippable fights and other unskippable content in the beginning. From hitting New Game to actually being able to control the character is probably a good 15 minutes. And unless I seriously misread what was happening, several of the fights were against the exact same people I had just defeated. Most of them didn't stand a chance either, making it not frustrating, but an exercise in patience and how well I could hit the "Fight - Attack - Enemy A" sequence. (This is more forgivable repeated later during the chase sequence - I think. It's also entirely possible I was just bad at the chase sequence and let the enemy catch up to me several times. As I said, though, even if it's set it's forgivable there as the context of the situation explains why I could potentially defeat someone only to have them ready to go again.)

The Takeaway - It's an interesting premise, a neat way of playing an Overpowered Character, and I'm curious to see where it's headed. Tightening up the opening bit so there aren't so many battles (perhaps just the one rocket launcher to give you the You Are Defeated : Continue bit) would improve things greatly.
I love this song ! The organ is very representative for demons.
Autosave is a essential feature in modern games, thanks for the great work!
How can I use this plugin? I changed the max followers and battlers
but it didn't do anything.
Someone know how to help me?
I did this a year ago but lost the files so thank you! : )
The story starts off nice, engaging, and is quite funny. I also like the creative transition from the original map to the jungle map. I have a question though, I grabbed paper at the trials portion of the game and placed it on the shrine and waited. Nothing happened, so I had assumed that my object of choice was incorrect, yet I had no idea on how to drop it to choose another one.

Does the game end there, or am I encouraged to restart the game and choose another object after likely saving upon entering the trial map?
Paper absolutely should have worked. Not sure how I missed that as testing all of the objects in there was mind-numbing and annoying to me, but apparently I missed one. My mistake there.

I'm going to fix it and update it on . I won't update it here until the contest is over.