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MV 1.3 Starbird RETRO COLLECTION - Tilesets, Battlers, Battlebacks, Characters + MORE 0.94

Gigantic collection of tilesets, battlers, battlebacks, chars, and more in retro AND original style

  1. Starbird
    IMPORTANT NOTE ON PAYMENT: If you pay by e-check, there will be a 3-5 day delay before you can download (download becomes available when payment clears). If you plan to pay this way, please make your order then immediately send an email to StarbirdResources@tutanota.com to speed up delivery.

    50+ Tilesets, 125+ Battlers, 110+ Battlebacks, Dozens of Characters,
    and tons more including parallaxes, overlays, and title2 borders.

    See below for details.

    Want to make games that stand out from the RPG Maker crowd?

    Want to make games that have a unique feel?

    Want to make games that look like this...
    Exterior-Sample-1.png Exterior-Sample-2.png Exterior-Sample-3.png Exterior-Sample-4.png Interior-Sample-1.png Interior-Sample-2.png Interior-Sample-3.png Interior-Sample-4.png

    Sample-1-v2.png Sample-2-v2.png Sample-3-v2.png Sample-4-v2.png Sample-5-v2.png Sample-6-v2.png Sample-7-v2.png Sample-8-v2.png Sample-9-v2.png

    And hey, if you're looking for something more in line with the RTP style, guess what. You're in luck. This package comes with both the original and retro styles. Files have the same names, so you can easily swap out tilesets to try a new look for your game. A change in styles is also great for flashback or memory scenes.


    -Includes both original and retro styles for all tilesets, some of which are only available in this bundle

    -Wide variety of themes

    -All are ready to use in the RMMV editor, no parallax mapping required (but you can if you want!)

    -Just have a look at them and see :)



    -Far more variety than available in RTP

    -Done in painted style instead of illustration

    -Battler sizes better scaled to fit with player SV chars

    -Actually side-view

    -More "serious" enemies

    -Many enemies can be grouped into categories of similar creatures

    -Designed to "pop" against new battle back style

    -Many battlers have simplified color scheme for more coherent recolors in RMMV editor



    - 80+ BattleBacks for tons of new battle scenes



    -Includes tilesets for animated objects

    -Includes dozens of new baddies

    -Experimental tall chars

    Sample-A-1.gif Sample-E-1.gif Sample-B-1.gif Sample-D-1.gif Sample-C-1.gif