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TOTL now supports MAC! A note of advice though, I cannot test this personally so I will not be able to know what's wrong if anything is. Please share any bugs and such you find with me so that I can fix them up! But yeah, this version is untested (although it should be fine too since the windows version works great) since none of my team can test mac versions.

The Game:

Tales of the Lumminai is a dark fantasy rpg set in two parallel worlds. As the player, you get to choose which world to play in, based on the gender of your main character. Both stories are unique, and different yet similar.

Both worlds are experiencing unforeseen events that date back to the beginning of the Lumminai spirits themselves with the Twilight Calamity. A dark force prowls on the horizon and the mystery of this force remains untold. "The Evil One" has a dark plot to create something unimaginable, and he seeks the Lumminai Crystals of the 8 Great Heralds to achieve his goals.

Join Lumi, and the few remaining Heralds as they try and stop this evil force in any way they can! Uncover the hidden powers of the Lumminai spirits and use them to your advantage against "The Evil One" and his massive armies.

With a dark past and a darker future, you must shape the world as you see fit in order to preserve life or will you fall to the path of darkness and pursuit ultimate power in a new world?

5/5/2016 - Updated to 0.40 "Lucia's Story Only"
2/3/2016 - Updated to 0.20 "Lucia's Story Only"

Full list of changes in 0.40
Added Chapters 2 and 3 for Lucia's storyline
Added Pact Linking Abilities
Added Hidden Objects in several maps
Added 2 new playable characters
Added 4 side quests
Added immersive linking map that links several maps together
Added 24 new maps since 0.20
Added over 15 new enemies
Added Custom tilesets for Chapters 2 and 3
Added Port Au Venfey, the second town you'll encounter
Added Kawajack Ranch maps
Added special skills for Lucia and all other playable characters
Added means of reviving allies
Added custom title screen plugin with placeholder images
Added SenRufu's logo splash on startup
Added special character by request of a plugin developer xP
Added comic relief events all over the world so far
Added a bunch of easter eggs and references to other games
Added means of interacting with stationary objects on action press
Added Time Gadget, means of checking the time when used
Added Lumi and Catherine's pact linked states
Added 2 new hidden Lumminai events
Added Esra's father's backstory told in form of a journal in the cellar
Added Esra with a custom outfit unique to her
Added Ring of Galouran equipment
Added 8 new sets of armor
Added debug room and accessibility as image of green crystal
Added Custom Ranch objects and tilesets
Added "Punny" ranch animal interactions
Added explanation of Lucia's ability to commune with animals
Changed intro to sound more in depth without dragging on
Changed the entirety of Chapter 1 to sound and look better
Changed Yurai village map to no longer be an RTP default placeholder
Changed Tutorials for the save crystal and arrow explanations
Changed How Alt-Cross is introduced to sound and look better
Changed difficulty of the beginning enemies to be easy so it don't drag on
Changed difficulty of first two bosses to be easier
Changed first two bosses now will use skills based on their needs
Changed How Lumi will enter and leave the party after Chapter 1
Changed much of the dialogue of the NPC's around Weshrain
Changed battle encounters to use proper battlebacks now
Changed BGM in the ranch and the second vision to use custom BGM
Changed Storyline details to better fit the lore and how the world was changed based on the events that took place
Changed Updated a bunch of info on the characters in their profiles
Changed how Lumi first introduces herself and questions you
Changed How you're forced to leave Yurai with Lumi backstory
Changed skill animations for several skills to not use placeholders
Changed How the time system works to not lag
Changed How the day/night transitions work to be immersive
Fixed Transition into interior maps bug that caused crashing
Fixed crash issue when saving at the first crystal
Fixed buggy skills for Lucia that weren't doing anything
Fixed antidote creation process event not rewarding player
Fixed Issue with the time system causing mass lag and freezing
Fixed Pact Linking not wearing off until turn after it ends
Fixed Enemy encounter causing the game to crash
Fixed dialogue freezing upon 'talking' to stationary objects
Fixed Goat event not ending when turned in
Removed all default BGM from the game files to lessen the size
Removed The old maps used as placeholders during the first intro
Removed Buggy time system with weather that caused lag
Removed character placeholders and replaced with custom characters
1/20/2016 - Initial demo release "Lucia's Story Only"

Things to Take Note Of
The intro will be animated eventually, but the text explains pretty much the idea behind what will go on in it.

There may be some bugs that we couldn't find ourselves. If you happen to bump into any just let us know and we'll look into fixing them.

There are hidden events, so speaking to every NPC is a great way to uncover these events.

The time and day/night cycle now works properly. There may be a slight issue with the 'evening' not transitioning into 'night' which can cause some NPC's to not appear, but it's easily fixed by entering and leaving a building again.

For more information regarding the game, please refer to the Wiki page here so that you may better understand what is going on while the game is still in development. Here

List of Known Bugs
Catherine's Blood skill that is supposed to heal her seems to cause some kind of error with gradient text. We're not sure what's wrong with this but are looking into it. - Currently not fixed

When fighting the Ratt Queen and defeating her, you're automatically taken out of the Aqueducts and back to Weshrain. This can potentially cause an issue where you can't enter it ever again. To avoid this for now, leave the aqueducts through the path on the left side in Sec A-1 where you'll discover a second entrance that should let you back in anytime after. - Fixed in next release

Sometimes the auto-timed events won't begin. To fix this, just stay at the inn until the next day and wait around for the proper time to hit. It should work then. - Fixed in next release

There's an issue where Lucia sometimes won't do any damage. I've added in two new chests to give the better weapons for her so she's not useless for now. I'll rebalance her stats in the next release so she's as strong as the other 3 characters. - Fixed in next release

The Team Behind the Project
Gabriel Moss

**Disclaimer** Some images may change in the future when the project is closer to finished status! There are currently many placeholder images in use.**

--Awaiting new screenshots, sorry guys, the old ones on here are no longer relating to the game since things have changed for the better on those maps --
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