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MV 1.3 umapi - Event Click API! 1.0

Set up touch/click spots using events!

  1. TheUnproPro
    Hi everyone! I'm back with another plugin. This plugin lets you use a parallel process to handle click events on the map or screen.

    Example event:
    Code (Text):
    ◆Comment:Disable movement when click/touched
    ◆Plugin Command:disableTtm
    ◆Comment:Random click region on map
    ◆If:Script:umapi.mtouch(umapi.realEventX(2), umapi.realEventY(2), umapi.tileWidth(), umapi.tileHeight())
      ◆Show Animation:EV002, Cure One 1 (Wait)
    ◆Comment:Person click
    ◆If:Script:umapi.mtouch(umapi.realEventX(3), umapi.realEventY(3), umapi.tileWidth(), umapi.tileHeight())
      ◆Set Movement Route:EV003 (Wait)
      :                  :◇Turn at Random
      :                  :◇Jump:+0, +0
      :                  :◇SE:Jump1 (90, 100, 0)
    ◆Comment:crystal click
    ◆If:Script:umapi.mtouch(umapi.realEventX(4), umapi.realEventY(4)-umapi.tileHeight(), umapi.tileWidth(), umapi.tileHeight()*2)
      ◆Open Save Screen
    on this map setup:
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Recent Reviews

  1. autistmouse
    Version: 1.0
    This is incredibly helpful and opens up a ton of functionality. It is not quite plug and play but is certainly not hard to use.

    A note for new users if you get a nodejs error there is a good chance you missed a parenthesis. Cheers!