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MV 1.3 Window Pop Version 2.4

A window that displays a short message, either custom or an auto pop with each item gained, in game.

  1. LTN Games
    DISCONTINUED All plugins will be rewritten and open sourced.http://fenixenginemv.gitlab.io/

    Window Pop
    This plugin allows the user to use a simple plugin command which will pop up a small window during gameplay to inform the player with your own custom message & icon or to automatically pop up for each item gained or lost. You may use messages codes to stylize the text. The plugin has a few parameters to change the window to how you see fit, you can increase the width, change the gradient, or use a bg image, as well as change the x and y position for how it appears on the game screen.
    New Collection Mode
    Map Display Name Customizations:
    More Auto Pop Customizations:
    Full Width
    Full width with centered text WindowPopScreen2CenterAlign.png
    Auto Item Pop Up WindowPopScreen3AutoPop.png
    • Auto Item Pop Ups, for gold & all items.
    • Item Rarity, set the text color of items with a notetag
    • Use your own background from an image
    • Use it for map display names
    • Collection Mode
    • Lots of customizations including message codes so you can use variables, icons, & color tags.

    Download Full Package - Includes plugin & bg images.

    Only works with MV.

    Exclusive to rpgmakermv.co, please don't share anywhere else unless given strict permission by the author of the plugin.

    The plugin and all graphics included may be used in commerical and non-commerical products. Credit must be given!

    Credit goes to: LTN Games

    Please report all bugs to the discussion forum of this resource, and all support questions for this resource go in MV Support.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lark Monster
    Lark Monster
    Version: Version 2.4
    Love the customization for this script, thank you for sharing it!
  2. Anonymous
    Version: Version 2.4
    NICE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. sbloom85
    Version: Version 2.4
    This is exactly the kind of plugin I was looking for. It makes using custom names for map displays a cinch.
  4. StefSan
    Version: Version 2.4
    A great plugin with a lot of customization <3
    That's how it should be <3 thx
  5. Nailo
    Version: Version 2.4
    Good bye "You found a potion." Hello { x1 potion! }
  6. Lore
    Version: Version 2.4
    Thanks for this Plugin LTN! This makes things so much easier in terms of notifying the player about items, rather than having a full text box.
  7. Phil
    Version: Version 2.4
    Oh wow, nice work for this one, I might want to use this in my future project ;)
  8. Starbird
    Version: Version 2.4
    LTN, this is so slick and amazing. Incredible work - thanks so much :)
  9. liveliner82
    Version: Version 2.4
    Amazing! Exellent for Auto Pop Ups! *g*
  10. TheUnproPro
    Version: Version 2.4
    Wowow dude I needed this. Excellent job! =D
    1. LTN Games
      Author's Response
      Thank's for checking out my resource, and I'm glad it's what you were looking for and even happier you found it :)