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Search results

  1. StarlitOcean

    Need help on a battle event.

    Ha, na no worries, I should've explained it better, but dude! I got it!! ha, It was a Scope Change that I had to manipulate once a state is applied to the user. All I had to do was install these 2 plugins by "Hime" and write a note tag in the regular attack. It really was a lot easier than I was...
  2. StarlitOcean

    Need help on a battle event.

    I love the description you put for your Captain's Rage haha. I really appreciate this entire explanation but the captain didn't attack himself, unfortunately. Also, I'm not that big of a novice lol, thank you though. So, how I had it set up originally was, I created 2 states. The first was, I...
  3. StarlitOcean

    Need help on a battle event.

    To add, I am only a music producer. If you are creating a game, then maybe I can help you out for helping me, with music?? Just a thought ha.
  4. StarlitOcean

    Need help on a battle event.

    I understand a bit, but how do I set it up?? Sorry, this is my first game. I only know how to write a story, configuring everything is a bit difficult for me, unfortunately. Could you explain everything in great detail?? Sorry, once again.
  5. StarlitOcean

    Need help on a battle event.

    I tried Discord to talk to people about things but it didn't really work out much so, I'll try the forum again. I'm having trouble creating a certain event. The whole thing is, a character gives the player a potion that adds a "flawed" skill, named "Captain's Rage." What it's supposed to do is...
  6. StarlitOcean

    Sewer Maneuver

    Sorry, new to this site, I couldn't find where to reply without re-rating it ha. Yea the background melody is a bit too loud and the snare. I like the bass line you have though. It's really catchy
  7. StarlitOcean

    Boss Battle [BGM]

    StarlitOcean submitted a new resource: Boss Battle - This track has the perfect intensity in orchestra for a boss battle or the like. Read more about this resource...
  8. StarlitOcean

    MV 1.3 Boss Battle [BGM] 2018-08-19

    Thank you for considering!! This track, created by Starlit Ocean is free to use in Commercial and Non-Commercial projects. Please credit if used. This file is .ogg format. Just add to your BGM folder in RPG Maker and it should be good to go. File may need to be converted to .m4a if...
  9. StarlitOcean

    Introduction by Starlit Ocean

    Hi, my name is Starlit Ocean. I am a music producer and have about 5-6yrs of experience. A friend told me about this site after telling him I was starting a game project on RPGM-MV. I'm fairly new to the programming world, so I figured I'd get some help from anywhere possible. Once arriving at...