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Search results

  1. Azdak

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    If you ever make a tutorial video on how to make a skill tree from scratch that would be amazing! I've tried for a few months now and I still can not make sense of it. I go on your skill Tree builder online (not sure if I'm doing it right though) (I'm sorry if I seem dumb) Every time I think I'm...
  2. Azdak

    Modern_day resources for first game?

    Hello I'm not sure where to get the assets you need sorry, you might find some on here though :) To make your own tiles and edit them you need to go into you RPG Maker folder and go into images folder, then into the TileSet folder, find what tile set you want to edit and open it up in Photoshop...
  3. Azdak

    Hello folks >:D<

    Good luck with your first project and if you want some advice for your game... make sure you put a cat in it :D
  4. Azdak

    Who likes robots?

    Hey dude, I'm not sure if it is me or not, but I clicked in your link a few times and it just sends me to a blank white screen.
  5. Azdak

    Celestugaia A Universe of Books

    Seems like it will be a fun little game. I love the start with the planets and shooting stars! Very nice! You have one of the strangest weapon shops I have ever been inside! :D (The Inn looks a little strange on the outside when I compare it to the outside of the weapon shop.) I like your sound...
  6. Azdak

    Hello folks >:D<

    Hello and welcome! It can be very exciting to start your own game! I think there is a discord group but I'm not sure where it is. If you ever need any help or advice just ask, people are very nice and friendly on here. Good luck to you :)
  7. Azdak

    Sharing My Music and Sound FX - Over 1800 Tracks

    I love pet antics! That's such a great tune! You just have to dance and smile when you hear it :D You really have a skill for making music! (You also have a skill for writing, a lot of your titles and description's are very very funny! :) Thank you again for sharing your music with us all!!!
  8. Azdak

    RPG maker mv open server online

    The only help I can give you is to maybe look on youtube for a tutorial? I found this one that might help you? Good luck! :D
  9. Azdak

    Dexterite speak

    Good luck to you! :D If you ever need any help or anything don't hesitate to ask. :)
  10. Azdak

    Hello RMMV Community!

    Sounds very interesting, you have said so much and yet, actually told us very little. :D I am genuinely intrigued in what you are actually working on! Good luck :)
  11. Azdak

    What would you say is acceptable language to use in RPG Maker?

    I am from England and I must say I was agreeing with you; nodding my head, thinking hard about what you have written (this person talks a lot of sense...) Then I got to the bit about having a sore fanny and oh my god, I just burst out laughing! :D I have played quite a few demos and I agree not...
  12. Azdak

    What would you say is acceptable language to use in RPG Maker?

    That is something I could do, thanks, that's a good tip; I remember something like that at the start of Brutal Legend on PS3. Although I can not help but think every kid clicked the bad language version :) (Bit like when kids turn on blood with Mortal Kombat on Snes)
  13. Azdak

    Nearly finished my demo... I think.

    Nearly finished my demo... I think.
  14. Azdak

    Sounds good, I do a lot of work with kids and have thought about this. What age group are your...

    Sounds good, I do a lot of work with kids and have thought about this. What age group are your students?
  15. Azdak

    What would you say is acceptable language to use in RPG Maker?

    So it could be a master peace of a game but you would review it low because it has bad words in it regardless of the context? That is very interesting viewpoint to hear and is worth noting, thank you. Are there any words listed above that you would consider profanity in your opinion?
  16. Azdak


    Sorry I don't know what GENE is, is it a game, a plug in?
  17. Azdak

    From Myth to Legend

    Oh no, sorry to hear that :( Well as long as you can keep your maps and stuff (maybe?) and not have to start from scratch it's not too bad? The main quest/plot can be a very tricky thing... The only thing I could recommend is try splitting your plot into acts. for example: Act 1. - Main...
  18. Azdak


    Labels are so much better to use then loops, I find my self getting stuck in a loop with-in a loop :( I would recommend learning how to use labels if you are writing dialog with lot's of choices. For example; let's say you have a person who tells you 3 riddles. Each riddle has 6 possible...
  19. Azdak

    [One Word Game] A story

  20. Azdak


    Cool, good luck! It's a very good idea to start a small project and learn. (I wish I knew about loops and labels before I started writing loads of dialog :)