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  1. jdh34

    What's your favorite RPG?

    Secret of mana Legend of zelda ocarena of time
  2. jdh34

    Let's make a game! Anyone welcome!

    I have a plot and arch so I need some tile sets and character's events I do music though... ahh yes I do colored text and horizontal scrolling also day night transitions
  3. jdh34

    Just added 2 bgm resources

    Just added 2 bgm resources
  4. jdh34

    Xp Sequence

    jdh34 submitted a new resource: Xp Sequence - Rpg Maker XP Read more about this resource...
  5. jdh34

    MV 1.6.x Xp Sequence 1.0

    This is some song of reflection done in the 80s style Enjoy
  6. jdh34

    MV 1.6.x 2003 Bgm 1.0

    This Is The Live Version Of City Bustle
  7. jdh34

    2003 Bgm

    jdh34 submitted a new resource: 2003 Bgm - City Bustle Live Version Read more about this resource...
  8. jdh34

    Dexterite speak

    Welcome to our community Glad to have you on board
  9. jdh34

    hi thats me

    Welcome aboard ... rpg maker is more than a game it's a workstation allowing you to create jrpg games and fantasy adventures with a minimalistic approach It's easy to use and can be customized with plug ins which are aplenty here So get creative (blush)
  10. jdh34

    Hello World!

    Greetings same story at my end its writing and music for me
  11. jdh34

    Rpg Maker 2003 Converted Bgm [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
  12. jdh34

    Rpg 2003 Bgm version 2

    jdh34 submitted a new resource: Rpg 2003 Bgm version 2.0 - Rpg maker 2003 Bgm Plus Read more about this resource...
  13. jdh34

    MV 1.3 Rpg 2003 Bgm version 2 2018-12-03

    This is an update to the rpg maker 2003 bgm it contains one rpg xp track extract the contents of this folder to your bgm folder in mv or import the content of this folder to your bgm folder using the resource manager this also includes a sample loop called sci fi shop
  14. jdh34

    im updating the rpg maker 2003 bgm resource

    im updating the rpg maker 2003 bgm resource
  15. jdh34

    Sprite anime using rpg maker!!! With voices!! Check it out! It`s something different!!!

    Good job you know i did something like that in rpg maker vx ace I added my own voice line saying Anh greetings young traveler with rpg maker xp music in the background
  16. jdh34


    Technically it's possible if the right plugin was written Unless someone tells me otherwise
  17. jdh34


    Welcome to our small community Master jedi
  18. jdh34

    Brave New World!

    Ok mate I'll have a look at it as soon as my laptop is repaired ... the hinge broke so I'll have to drop it off at centercom here in Melbourne so they can send it to asus
  19. jdh34


    Welcome to our community ... like you I took the plunge and bought my copy of xp Vx ace Mv and 2003 on steam... I'm still learning here the core mecanics and I have had a story idea since 2005 when a friend showed me rpg maker .. truth be told I'm more of a ideas and writers sort of bloke and...
  20. jdh34

    Brave New World!

    I'm almost 32 and I play the modern games however I prefer the classics ... I'm actually thinking about either getting an Xbox one or the nintendo tablet ... there are some classics like crash bandicoot and spyro ... I hear that they have a developer mode to make rpg maker games on Xbox since...