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Search results

  1. CT_Bolt

    MV Move text on title screen

    In rpg_windows.js without using plugins you can change the following... Edit: Now I've also made a plugin... (cute) CTB Title System Plugin (CTB_Title.js): Click Here to Download Gonna upload it to the resources soon once I add a few more options. (wink) Edit2: Alternatives...
  2. CT_Bolt


    Welcome to your new home! Nice to meet you too @George88. Can't wait to see what you create! We're all here if you need help & you get stuck feel free to ask. Happy Game Making! (cute)(icecream)
  3. CT_Bolt

    Need Help - Make a pixi-filter that only effects the battle background? [Filter Controller Plugin by Tsukimi]

    Using Filter Controller Plugin by Tsukimi (cji3bp62000): Click Here to View Does anyone know how it is possible to make a filter that only effects the battle background? Thanks for reading. (cute)
  4. CT_Bolt

    hello, im the simplest boi

    Hi yo! Welcome to the worlds greatest RPGMaker MV forum! (icecream)
  5. CT_Bolt

    Check for keyboard input.

    What I'm seeing (& works for me) is just a slight bit different like this... Input.isTriggered('ok'); ...Without the "Key" before "Triggered", also does not seem to take keycodes... only strings for keys... (or at least didn't work for me like that, maybe that does work & I missed an update...
  6. CT_Bolt


    Yes Yes & Yes! A great start! All very good ideas. (cute)(thumbsup) (PS. Sorry bout the delay... thought I had replied). Yes, 100% agree with all of that. (cool)(thumbsup)
  7. CT_Bolt

    need help with Menu's

    Hello & Welcome to the forum! (cute) I moved your thread to the Support Section, please post questions here. Yanfly's Skill Learn System Plugin reads & uses from Actor & Class Traits... The duplicate happens because the actor and the class both add the same skill type (...or maybe just added...
  8. CT_Bolt

    Hi there RPG lovers

    Hello & Welcome to (cute) Good luck with your project! Feel free to ask for help if you run into problems. Support Section: Click Here to View Happy Game Making! (icecream)
  9. CT_Bolt


    Hello & Welcome to! (cute) Glad to have ya with us. Looking forward to seeing what games you create. (cool)(icecream) Happy Game Making! (hella)
  10. CT_Bolt

    Hey all

    Welcome @LunaP! Very cool that you've been using RPGMaker since 2002. Feel free to post projects you make in the Projects Under Development Section: Click Here to View Can't wait to see what ya come up with. We're here if ya get stuck and need help (cute) (Support Section: Click Here to View)...
  11. CT_Bolt


    Heya @TSC! Nice to meet ya. Can't wait to see what ya come up with! As mentioned by @Azdak above if you have any questions feel free post in the Support Section: Click Here to View Happy Game Making! (cute)(icecream)
  12. CT_Bolt

    Black borders around ledges?

    Hmm... Have you checked out Maru's MV Resources: Click Here to View ...Some nice rounded cliffs there (cute) some cool stuff made by Avy: Click Here to View ...also a few pretty good ones by Mr. Pyramid: Click Here to View Is that what you need? Hope that helps. (cute)
  13. CT_Bolt

    Musician here

    Hello @Sykozealot! Nice to have ya here with us. I really love chiptune/8bit like this one: Very cool sound! Can't wait to see what ya come up with. Happy Game Making! (cool)
  14. CT_Bolt

    Trading Card Game Help

    Yeah I know the battle system isn't as you need. Thought I had mentiond that above... oh well... anyways it was just a start to show what could be potentially done with STV_MonsterCards. It's been a loooong time since I played Yu-Gi-Oh though, soooo I might need to google a few things... I...
  15. CT_Bolt


    Sounds good! Can't wait to try it out. Oh cool, just played it for a little bit. Cool game! Nice smooth & professional feeling. Good work putting that together. (cool)
  16. CT_Bolt


    I'm cool with still using XF1 but yeah the theme has been the same for a while huh? lol ...Would be nice too have some kind of contest and see what else people can come up with. (cute) Oh wow! How did I never see this? Anyways... looks pretty cool to me. Good work on that. (cool)(thumbsup) Is...
  17. CT_Bolt

    Glitched event animations

    Hmm... it looks like it's not quite really an animation... Instead various ships placed where the "stepping" frames would be for the character. Here's a fix for you: I've flipped the image for the 'left' direction...That still won't give you all directions though of course as they were never...
  18. CT_Bolt

    Trading Card Game Help

    Found this: Sooo I made a you a demo that is more on track for what you need... STV_MonsterCards (Demo): Click here to View In the demo... ...Use the left switch to view/get cards and setup the deck. ...Use...
  19. CT_Bolt

    Yanfly Movement Core Issue

    No problem. (cute) Happy to help out. (icecream) Problem solved. Thread closed. (cool)(thumbsup)
  20. CT_Bolt

    Yanfly Movement Core Issue

    Yup, I know. (cool) That's exactly what I've done in the demo I made ("dangerous to go alone" demo, not the "tag" demo). Check out the demo I made. (icecream) Demo Summary: Old man walks up to you once you hit the tile in front of the cave and gives the player a sword. (Only Happens After...