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Search results

  1. Oktober Love

    Audio not working when editing

    That's odd. The only thing I can think is that something happened to the engine. A fresh install should fix this. If not I'm not sure.
  2. Oktober Love

    Getting an error when i try an test play

    It looks like youre missing a file. Could be an outdated plugin. Test your plugins one by one.
  3. Oktober Love

    Looking for help solving a projectile event bug

    Ok! My fellow game devs, I have a challenge for you! So just for context let me explain what I'm trying to do: Keybind Button Common Events Plugin makes a button press = shoot a projectile from the player across the screen Terrax Lighting attached to the projectile event itself (basically...
  4. Oktober Love

    [SOLVED] Need help with in-game save ERROR!

    Nevermind. Got in touch with the creator of the plugin. Apparently this has been happening with more than one of his plugins. Unfortunately he's not planning on fixing this so I'm gonna have to switch to a different overlay plugin. Just thought I'd post the outcome for anyone else who may...
  5. Oktober Love

    [SOLVED] Need help with in-game save ERROR!

    So I've been working on a game for the past couple weeks and I have the UPP Parallax Pro Plugin and its been working great...until I finally tried to save my game. It gives me a TypeError: "Cannot set Property 'Sprite' of undefined". After some testing I discovered that the plugin was causing...