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Search results

  1. Azdak


    Sorry I don't know what GENE is, is it a game, a plug in?
  2. Azdak

    From Myth to Legend

    Oh no, sorry to hear that :( Well as long as you can keep your maps and stuff (maybe?) and not have to start from scratch it's not too bad? The main quest/plot can be a very tricky thing... The only thing I could recommend is try splitting your plot into acts. for example: Act 1. - Main...
  3. Azdak


    Labels are so much better to use then loops, I find my self getting stuck in a loop with-in a loop :( I would recommend learning how to use labels if you are writing dialog with lot's of choices. For example; let's say you have a person who tells you 3 riddles. Each riddle has 6 possible...
  4. Azdak

    [One Word Game] A story

  5. Azdak


    Cool, good luck! It's a very good idea to start a small project and learn. (I wish I knew about loops and labels before I started writing loads of dialog :)
  6. Azdak

    How about "Deedee", after Deedee Ramone :D

    How about "Deedee", after Deedee Ramone :D
  7. Azdak

    Need a good Writer

    What kind of writing do you enjoy doing?
  8. Azdak

    [One Word Game] A story

  9. Azdak

    Update 3.0 Change Log

    Looking good, thank you for all your hard work and for the website in general. It's very nice and awesome of you! :D Thank you!
  10. Azdak

    Musician here

    I like the feel of this music, especial when the guitar kicks in at about the 1 min mark. Very atmospheric!
  11. Azdak

    hello, im the simplest boi

    Yo, how's it going? You started making a game yet, or still planning it out?
  12. Azdak

    Shiolin here

    Ha-ha yes! I love shining force 1 and 2! They are great games! If you are interested there is a fan made game of it called "Shining Force Battle Royale" You can find it on you-tube, they have the links to download it. It is a lot of fun and I would recommend it to any shining force fan :) (But...
  13. Azdak


    There is certainly nothing wrong with keeping things simple, I think the middle number being the attack and the health would work. (If I attack a "monster" that has 4 power, and I have a 5 power "monster" would that make my "monster" have 1 power left?) I like that you have "Prayer and Vain...
  14. Azdak


    I'm not sure if this would be a good idea or not, but what about some kind of live chat room? A place where we can all talk, support and help each other out. A place you can just hang out together as a collective and easily talk about RPG Maker and other stuff. I would also agree with the...
  15. Azdak


    I enjoy a good card game. I've played the Skyrim card game, pokemon, gwent on witcher 3, star trek and a few others. Do the cards have health and attack? Do they have weaknesses? (Would Poseidon deal extra damage to Thor?) What does the middle number represent? I like the idea of a god...
  16. Azdak

    The Last Letter Game

  17. Azdak

    And the whole white walker thing... :D

    And the whole white walker thing... :D
  18. Azdak

    Over 500 Hours on RPG Maker and I have nearly finished my first act :D

    Over 500 Hours on RPG Maker and I have nearly finished my first act :D
  19. Azdak


    Hello :)