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  1. Amysaurus

    Neuralnet AI makes old assets usable again

    Yeah, that's super weird - I thought I'd liked it too. :O I usually tweak things manually to upscale images like that, but it's a super cool tool, especially for folks not into image editing!
  2. Amysaurus

    Graphics Amy's MV Resources

    I updated the top post with new previews, and the XP cover sprites/faces are all done :)
  3. Amysaurus

    Changing username?

    Hmmmm.... I know we had the feature before (back when we had levels, etc.), but I'm not seeing it now. @Xyphien may be able to change it for you.
  4. Amysaurus

    Outside TileSet B Pencil Sketch

    @KaineOfElderon Are there any changes to these sets besides them being made black & white? If not, they'll need to be taken down. Just like generated characters aren't considered resources here, neither are recolors.
  5. Amysaurus

    Amy's Pixel Place [Paid]

    -When you realize you haven't updated your topic in a year and a half- Hey guys! I went back and updated my prices/samples, and here's a look at some of my recent commissions:
  6. Amysaurus

    Need a good Writer

    @Fishcat707 Please update your post to include samples of your work. These can be links to articles, projects you've helped with, etc.
  7. Amysaurus


    Hey, welcome! It's nice to see another pixel artist join! (cheeky)
  8. Amysaurus

    What would you say is acceptable language to use in RPG Maker?

    I'm fine with cursing as long as it isn't overly derogatory, and it fits the mood of the game. A timely "Well, f**k." will make me laugh every time, but it gets old fast when characters are dropping bombs every other sentence. I don't see anything wrong with the list of examples you have up...
  9. Amysaurus


    @Pyrathas He hasn't logged in since November of last year, so I'm assuming no, but I can message him on Discord and ask ^^
  10. Amysaurus

    Graphics Amy's MV Resources

    When the set is done, yup! Just 2 more characters to go (cheeky)
  11. Amysaurus

    Graphics Amy's MV Resources

    Update! I added the second XP cover character :)
  12. Amysaurus

    Banner Creation Event!

    I'm not sure if I'll have time to whip up an entry, but here's a better quality version of that chibi I made:
  13. Amysaurus


    Nope, that's 100% for me (aww) Heck, even on my desktop comp it's 50% of the screen. That's why most sites don't do a top banner, and opt for just the scrolling one, lol.
  14. Amysaurus


    Here's a screenshot - my screen is 2560 x 1600, for reference.
  15. Amysaurus


    I'm sure everything is still under construction, but just for some early feedback, I'd recommend shrinking the top banner, and saving the scrolling banner only for events or featured resources/games. (For reference: my screen is 95% banner when I load a page from my laptop) There's a whole...
  16. Amysaurus

    Caught a couple of errors! Update tomorrow. [Deleted]

    @Dalton Sayre Do you have permission from each of the artists to have posted edits of their work? I know for a fact both Avery and hiddenone don't allow edits to be posted without permission. If you don't, these will need to be taken down.
  17. Amysaurus


    Upgrading to XF2 and maybe some new themes would be fine, imo. Wouldn't really help with inactivity, but they wouldn't hurt either. I think it'd help to cut down on some of the bulk in the forum. For instance: - The blog/wiki systems are barely used (only 1 blog post this year, and the last new...
  18. Amysaurus

    Graphics Amy's MV Resources

    Hey! Long time, no update, lol. I updated this topic with all of my newest stuff, and here's a look at what I've been working on lately:
  19. Amysaurus

    RMVX Cover Characters

    Amysaurus submitted a new resource: RMVX Cover Characters - A set of sprites/faces of VX's cover chars for MV Read more about this resource...
  20. Amysaurus

    MV 1.3 RMVX Cover Characters 2019-02-07

    Terms of Use: - For non-commercial use only - You must credit me as Amysaurus - No editing/reposting without my permission IMPORTANT: - To use this set of characters, you need to own a copy of either RMVX or RMVX ACE - You must credit Enterbrain