1. GalacticGod

    MV 1.6.x FES Wizard Character - SV Battler 2019-03-12

    I really like the Wizard character sprite in the, FES Character Material set, but am sad to see that there is no SV Battler for it; so I thought I would try creating one of my own. Let me know what you guys think. Terms of Use & Credit Credit: Characters were created using the base MV...
  2. Sonicfx07

    T-Rex Skeleton/Flesh Sprite Walker and Battler

    Hello, This may be difficult to accomplish, but for my game, I need a Skeleton T-Rex and Flesh T-Rex character for top-down view and battler. The characters would be roughly the same size as any character in the game. If any of you can provide, I would much appreciate it. I will credit you for...
  3. MinisterJay

    Iconic Battler Contest

    To celebrate our 20,000th member, we are holding an iconic battler contest. Here the rules. 1. If you desire to be a contestant, please contact me through PM. I will update this thread with current number of contestants, and current number of completed submissions. 2. ALL submissions must...
  4. Nelsares

    Elemental sprites and SV battlers

    Hi I want to request for elemental sprites like fire golems or water monster just anything 'cause I just need some elemental enemies. I prefer to have a complete battler with all kinds of motion but a static SV battler will do also :D thanks in advance comrades
  5. I

    In Need of a Front View Battle Portrait of Harold

    I cannot find a front view battler of him. Harold is the default hero in RPG Maker MV (AKA: Actor 1_1)
  6. Jeremy Kellogg

    Need an sprite artist, animator, and possible musician

    Sorry, I should have posted this here instead of in Resource Requests. So, here it is. OK folks, here's what I am looking for. I am working on a personal project of mine, one I have been working on since the days of RM2K. I'm creating a sort of "sequel" to the original Final Fantasy from the...
  7. sage

    Enemies Sage's Battlers

    I'm starting a little project to make some battlers for you guys. I've started the fun by making a slime monster. I heavily encourage suggestions. What foe would you like to see next? Wolves? Rats? Other creatures? Faeries? Monsters? People? Gods? I'd like to know!
  8. Joshua Amado

    Looking for A Java Scripter

    My name is Joshua I am the Ceo of a small gaming company called BioStorm Studios. We are currently looking for a Java Scripter who can create a few scripts for Our game The Fall of Neries. There is a cash incentive dependant on the scripts written and quality of them. The most needed script is a...
  9. Drkvixn

    Time for some sprite design and- ...Oh dear...

    Decided to do some sprite design for my project and got partway through before realising... there is now a thing called side view battlers... So doomed... Walking and even damage sprites are okay but those battler sprites are making the process four times harder! Getting my characters ponytail...
  10. SWAMPFOOT9000

    Streamlined sv battlers for RPGMAKERMV (3 * 3)

    Finally, I have contributed something useful! The reason I'm making this script: So people could get very custom with the actor's battle graphic, without having to spend copious amounts of time or effort. (For example making it a char-set) To have more simple looking side view sprites. To...
  11. Mr.Anderson

    Enemy Character

    Hello everyone, I need a special enemy character. I have found many battlers in rpg maker mv but not as much character sprites. I need an Character Sprite for this Spider here It would be awesome if someone could do this.
  12. Totle Starwind

    Plugin to use standardl side view battler as enemy

    Hi I just want to request about a script that allows the official side view battlers (even those that are created from the character generator) as enemy battler.