1. K

    HALP! Can't see resources

    Hello all. I am brand new to RPGMMV. When i go to add a new event, i double click on the checkerboard area under "Image" and all that comes up to choose from is (None) and [Tileset B], [Tileset C]. (SEE attached screenshot) I can see the png files for the characters and all the other...
  2. CT_Bolt

    MV 1.6.x Main Menu on Map 1.10b (compatibility fix is now fixed. lol)

    Menu directly on Map (with events/animated tiles/etc. running in BG) Also added an optional 'Cancel' Command to the menu list. Enjoy! Happy Game Making! (cute)(icecream)
  3. CynicSyndrome

    can you check if a tile contains an event with a conditional scriptcall using either tile xy or screen xy?

    can you check if a tile contains an event with a conditional script call using either tile xy or screen xy? I cannot seem to find the right script for this, also I am wondering how to call for the value of map weather.
  4. Mr. Open

    Trigger - Action Button without dashing?

    Hello! It's me, yet again with another (I think) simple question, which probably does have a simple answer. I'm making a few events in the village I'm mapping to make the world a bit more interactive (i.e. a character interacting with a grave results in reading what's written on the gravestone)...
  5. yomaniac

    Rapid Button Press?

    I am trying to make a mechanic where the player needs to rapidly press a key on the keyboard to continue the game, if they fail then it's game over. Anyone know how to do this?
  6. CT_Bolt

    Plugin Bind Events

    I recently started a plugin that will link events to certain objects in the game such as players, followers, and soon other events. I did post an early version: https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/bind-events.1470/ Are there any features anyone would like added? Would this be any use to anyone...
  7. CT_Bolt

    Bind Events, when/how to update position

    Recently I started to create a plugin to bind events to certain objects like players and followers... See here: https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/bind-events.1470/ However I've been having trouble getting it to sync perfectly though... Currently I set the "bound event" location to the followers...
  8. Mr. Open

    Event Movement & Actions? [RMMV]

    Hello! It's me, yet again with another problem! (I think it's not the thing I should brag about.. (facepalm)) I was thinking about making an event, where an NPC moves towards my player and starts a necessary dialogue. However when I set the Autonomous Movement of my NPC to "Approach" the NPC...
  9. ManoMike

    Questions about Player coordinate on map

    Let`s say I have this hypothetical situation: I have an option on the menu that activates a common event which moves the player to a map where he interacts with an evented menu. The player can use it anywhere, and i`d like to have the player returned to exactly where he was before going into...
  10. manbad

    Hey I'm making a game

    I'm making a game using rpg maker mv and throughout the process I've been creating a lot of cool systems/mini games you can use in your games as well! Feel free to try some of these systems out and share feed back so we can make them better for everyone! Thanks!
  11. ManoMike

    Event page and activation method

    Hello! Recently I found a situation where I could not succeed in making a singe event with a player touch activated event page and a action button activated page. would it be possible for someone to tell me why? and what could be a good alternative? As of now, there are no conditions in any of...
  12. TunderBela

    Controlling events with other events

    Hi, as the title says I want to control my monsters' events with my buttons' events. Watch my explaining video on youtube to make it clean. Thank you for your help.
  13. Lark Monster

    Eventing Question

    So I made this example picture with the characters to show you a bit of an idea of what I want. Basically I want my character to be walking around (the blonde in this example) and Followers will be turned off, so it's just her walking on the map. When she interacts with certain events, I'd like...
  14. Thomas Mayer

    Stop Camera Movement

    Hey, I'm working on a demo for my upcoming RPG Maker MV game, From The Sky, and I have the end demo show to where the main characters are getting on a ship to sail into the ocean, but I can't quite figure out some way to make the ship go off the screen without having the character get on the...
  15. Neil London

    Dialog while event is moving but waiting till finished to start new dialog

    I hope this is in the right place I'm trying to start an event movement with dialog while it is moving, BUT I don't want the next dialog to start until the movement is completed and the event start moving again. From what I understand, you either have the event moving with no dialog until...
  16. N

    Plugin for self-variables in common events

    Hi everyone! How are you? So I released an action rpg game about a year ago, and after a lot of updates I decided that the most intelligent thing to do was move each type of enemy to a common event so that I don't have to manually make every update in every single event in every single map. I...
  17. DaedraKyne

    [RMMV] How do you make an event with the default 2-graphics bed as sprite and move it?

    Hey guys! So I guess the title says it all. I was continuing the creation of my game when I wanted to make a secret door or floor which would activate. I first wanted to do it with a wall that disappears, but that didn't actually work at all, so I went for the easy "push the bed and tadaa hole...
  18. DolorIpsum

    "Worst RPG Maker Game Ever" Event

    Hello everyone. I’m proud to be introducing a new challenge/event for anyone who would like to take part in: “The Worst RPG Maker Game Ever” event! About This event is simple: in one month, create a game that is the epitome of awful and terrible to play. Eyesore graphics, ear-bleeding music...
  19. DolorIpsum

    Worst Game Ever Event?

    After being inspired by the recent Halloween contest as well as the visual novel Atashi no Riri, which was made for a "worst visual novel ever" contest, I wish to host a Worst RPG Maker Game Ever event! In one month, people, either individual or in teams, will have to create a game that is the...
  20. Mr.Anderson

    My worst problem

    So maybe a few of you guys may have already known my problem. My Problem is: I have a ship ingame. Its drivable etc so just the standard rpg maker mv ship. Now i want my Player to visit the interior of that ship. (Like in the game dragon quest 9) Now me and @Cunechan are already searching for an...