1. MugenDraco

    How to Choose Weapon Motion While Keeping Weapon Image for Skills

    Here's what I'm trying to do. I have all my Weapon Types set up, and certain Skills use the user's currently equipped weapon's animation instead of the generic cast animation. I've achieved this through Yanfly's Action Sequence Packs just fine. However, I'm trying to fine-tune it to get more...
  2. Chi-Time

    drawFace () and drawActorFace () Not Drawing to Window.

    Hi there. I'm having an issue with drawing actor faces to a Window_Base as it just won't display them. Everything else such as icon's, text, simple status' etc all seem to work. But trying to draw an image of their face is just not doing anything. Here's my current code...
  3. MugenDraco

    Shadows for Flying Events

    The community here has been great in helping me find plugins and other resources I'd used on my old project, but I've discovered one more. To really sell the fact that the birds flying around were actually far off the ground, I somehow created shadows that were a few frames under them, as seen...
  4. CT_Bolt

    Need Help: Actor Sprite Location in Battle?

    I could use a bit of help on this one... Anyone know how to check X & Y position of the Actor Sprites in that are in battle? So far I've got this: BattleManager._spriteset._actorSprites["0"]._homeX BattleManager._spriteset._actorSprites["0"]._homeY Which are found using the properties of...
  5. ddblue0

    Can I achieve this using Yanfly's Battle Core?

    Hello everyone, For a few weeks now I have tried various things to recreate the following battle system in MV: I have trying to use Yanfly Battle Core to make this happen. By default, no party member sprites are displayed when using a front view system...
  6. Goldblaze

    MV Proximity-Based Event Fading

    Hi, I've been to figure out how to make a system that will fade in events seamlessly as the player gets within a certain radius of them. An example would be a platform that would fade in when the player is within 3 tiles of that event, and when the player moves out of that range, the event fades...
  7. ddblue0

    Small question about Terrax Lighting plugin. Not sure how to fix a certain issue I've run into.

    Hello all! I love the Terrax lighting plugin and I got it working the way I like, almost. I found the flashlight settings to be a bit bright, so I changed the color to something darker to compensate. I found a color I like, but for some reason the player still glows brightly. Here are...
  8. trapless

    1.6.0 is not broken, please share ES6 knowledge.

    'The google' is flooded with people talking about the awful 1.6.0 update. So many people complained that KADOKAWA opted for regression and released a 1.5.2 update. They backstepped NW.js and QT. Were all of the other problems resolved by changing those two things? I don't know. Everything looks...
  9. O

    Specifics of plugin coding - Scene flow and API

    Hey guys! Background I wanted to do a scene from scratch - something pretty different which has physics, some collision detection in "real time" and so on. So obviously I started working on my own plugin, but I could not find very good documentation of the engine anywhere. I want to really...
  10. jaye

    TypeError Problem

    I am creating a custom save screen script and I am adding the location when saving a game. It works fine the initial save, then when you return to title it works. The problems comes when you refresh the game or close and open it again. When I do that the 'type error' message pops up. It says...
  11. J

    Common Event-Based Skills

    Say that I wanted to create a skill that will allow a character to increase another character's ex-parameter or sp-parameter by a value relative to one of their own parameters. I.E.: Character A has 13 agility, and can use the skill to increase another character's evasion by 13%. Then, A levels...
  12. jaye

    Conditional Branches in Script

    I am trying to write my own plugin, but I can't figure out how to correctly write a two conditional script. For example: if (item id equals this and switch is on) { then do this } Does anyone know how to properly script this statement? Thank you in advance!
  13. Yin

    [Paid] Finalizing combat system

    Hello everyone, We are looking to delegate some code work(Javascript) to a third party coder to help us finalize our combat system (RMMV). We have a few bug fixes and some missing features to a system that is mostly complete. Here is a list of the items that need to be completed. To anyone who...
  14. N

    Effective way to modify basic script

    I'm currently learning .Js right now and tried to modify menu right now straight to the problem : lets say , in drawActorSimpleStatus , its a function that draw all the status the actor has (name, level , class , hpbar , mpbar) in the default menu let's say I wanted to make the menu didnt draw...
  15. DouglasJordao

    How to get an equipped weapon ID?

    Well... I'm writing a plugin that checks for weapons in inventory and for equipped weapons, store them in an array, take a random weapon and remove it from player (even if it's equipped). So far so good. The problem is, when I try to store the ID of the chosen weapon in a variable I got some...
  16. mega01man

    Unpassable Tile

    Hello! I posted this on rpgmakerweb and haven't gotten a response in a week. I want to ask it here I'm still learning this. I got an answer! You can check the answer here.
  17. D

    Basic knowledge on using Javascript access modifiers and inheritance

    Disclaimer: This topic's to provide some extra choices for those needing/wanting some protections from being able to access anything from anywhere while still allowing inheritance. As sometimes it completely makes sense for keeping everything public, these choices are entirely optional. Using...
  18. jaye

    Can anyone fix this code?

    this._picture.bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture(this._item()); How do I make it so that it shows the current item, but also changes with item selection. Solved!
  19. jaye

    [Closed] I need someone who is experienced in js for mv

    Hello, I am in need of a personal who can do javascript. I can pay, but not too much. So reasonable pricing. I need a whole menu design. If interested and more details, please reply or contact me via
  20. monyarm

    Script calls run in the wrong order.

    im currently using this plugin which lets me run whole js files through an event script call, and this is the file im using, currently i am...