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  1. Oktober Love

    [SOLVED] Need help with in-game save ERROR!

    So I've been working on a game for the past couple weeks and I have the UPP Parallax Pro Plugin and its been working great...until I finally tried to save my game. It gives me a TypeError: "Cannot set Property 'Sprite' of undefined". After some testing I discovered that the plugin was causing...
  2. Kiyunah

    Seeking Help W/ Creating A Skill

    Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well! I'm currently in the process of creating a story with my RPGMMV client; however, I'm currently experiencing issues with my one and only skill, and I can't seem to deduce what it is that I'm doing wrong! (aww) I've provided screenshots below, but what...
  3. N

    Effective way to modify basic script

    I'm currently learning .Js right now and tried to modify menu right now straight to the problem : lets say , in drawActorSimpleStatus , its a function that draw all the status the actor has (name, level , class , hpbar , mpbar) in the default menu let's say I wanted to make the menu didnt draw...
  4. Str8studios

    Yanfly's gamepad plugin not displaying

    Hi there, I'm having a little trouble with yanfly's gamepad plugin found near the end of I have tried rearranging it in the plugin's list and it is definitely set to on, but I don't have the option to remap my controller. Also curious, my xbox 360 wireless controller will move my...
  5. Sasaki-Kaemon

    Resources Not Showing Up - HELP!

    So I do the same method I'm seeing everywhere I go and for some reason RMMV is not showing them at all. I put everything in the appropriate folder and I even make sure the images are in PNG format and the music is in M4A format or OGG depending on where they go. Nothing shows up. Tried several...
  6. Storytailor

    Game Doesn't Load...

    I feel someone else may have had this issue, but I can't find the thread - I've been working on my game a fair amount the past few days but haven't come around to testing it... until today! I wanted to see how the smaller maps looked on-screen, so I pressed the 'Launch' button... and 5 minutes...