1. Jordan Winslow

    How to Make Your RPG Maker Game Look Unique With CRT Shaders! (Scanlines) Tutorial

    This is the effect we are going for and will achieve in less than 5 minutes with no plugins or scripting! How do we do it? I have made a video guide for you!
  2. Jordan Winslow

    How to Install RPG Maker MV on a Chromebook

    I am writing this article as a request by @RPGMaker_MV on Twitter. A fast and lightweight Linux distro for ChromeOS devices. Pictures speak a thousand words! Today we will be using GalliumOS, a custom Linux operating system for Chromebooks, to install and run Steam natively on a Chromebook...
  3. Lark Monster

    FFVIII Style Draw System Tutorial

    Hello! I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how to make your own Draw System similar to what you see in the game Final Fantasy VIII. In this tutorial we are going to give our Mage a new skilled called Draw. Using this skill, we are going to Draw magic from our enemies. Once our Mage has...
  4. jaye

    Quick Video Tutorial 'Bust Messages no Plugin'

    I created a short video on how to create a message with a bust without a plugin. It just uses picture commands. I hope it helps. Feel free to pause if need be! Thanks.
  5. jaye

    Get Rid of Blurry Background in Menus (Small Tutorial)

    I have finally figured out how to get rid of the blurry backgrounds in the menus. There may be a lot of other people who have figured it out also, but I couldn't find any tutorial. So I have decided to post a small tutorial on how to do this. Open your rpg_managers.js in a text program. (I...
  6. Whiskerwax28

    Battle Intro help

    I have been watching a lot of Echo607's tutorials, but I am coming across numerous issues. I copied her Dynamic Battle Intro, but the characters don't pose ;[ example in the notes for the battle intro skill theres things like MOTION ITEM: character 1 MOTION SKILL: character 2 etc. but they...
  7. Lore

    Tutorial - Gold & EXP Drops

    Hey guys! This is my second tutorial, and in this one I'm going to go over my method of determining Gold & Experience Drops. Now, there are several tutorials relating to this out there (including one from @Driftwood Gaming here on the forums), and they may work for you. Every game is going to be...
  8. DolorIpsum

    Floating Character Tutorial

    I had made this picture tutorial before for someone, but since other people may also need help with this or are just curious about it, I'm posting it here as well. Hopefully you find this helpful or learn a handy tip from it ^^
  9. DestinyKitsuna

    Text help please

    I'm really new to making RPGs and MV is my first one so I'm going in blind on everything. I've watched many tutorials and they've helped a lot but my newest problem is small, and probably really easy to do. I can't figure out how to make items or NPCs say different things. Example: Click on a...
  10. Lore

    Tutorial - Database Organization

    Hey guys, and welcome to my first tutorial. I hope that you guys can utilise this to help organise database information for your game/s. This is a method that I find easiest, as it allows you to quickly and easily see all of the information that you want, and can be easily changed if you need to...
  11. JebberBear

    Understanding Yanfly's Stealth Engine

    So I am really having trouble understanding how to use Yanfly's stealth engine even after spending 4 hours trying to figure it out. For the game I am making I want to make regions the characters can hide in and others that they cannot. I am under the impression that Yanfly's plug in can do this...
  12. CT_Bolt

    Character Generator Tutorial

    I've made a simple YouTube video demonstrating how the Character Generator works.
  13. Boy Who Codes

    RPG Maker MV Scripting Bit

    RPG Maker MV Scripting Bit is a YouTube Show about me doing RPG Maker MV Plugins on the spot. They are plugins that you can do within 30 minutes and lower. This aims to show how to make plugins from scratch, as well as how something can be conceptualized quickly. This thread is continuously...
  14. JibstaMan

    Regular Expressions (in JavaScript)

    Basics Regular Expressions, aka regex and RegExp, are quite tough. I'm not an expert on the topic, but I have used regular expression for over a year now and I guess I can write something useful about them. In this tutorial, I've started with the "basics". If things go well, I might expand the...
  15. MinisterJay

    How to Use LARGER and SMALLER Characters and SV_Actors for Battles

    I was working on a challenge about having races be different sizes, but being represented by the same sized characters and sv_actors. The solution to many of these is the good old exclamation mark (!). When the (!) is used before the name of a set of images it will divide it by the default...
  16. Boy Who Codes

    RMMV Plugin Scripting Tutorials

    I have the whole remaining months making videos and tutorials, so while I still have the strength and I am still alive, I'd like to create this thread. This is all I can do for the RM community for now, and I do hope it would help people learn how to write their own plugins in the future. I...
  17. LTN Games

    Learn To Code In JS With A Game

    I stumbled upon this awsome site that teaches you how to code(script) by playing a game. There is a few different languages you can use and Javascript is one of them. This is by far the best way I have seen yet to learn to program in a language. It starts with basic syntax and gradually gets...
  18. Kerux

    Ring of Udrai Tutorial

    All, If you're anything like me, you definitely need to brush on on RPG Maker before really delving into MV. On that front, the best tutorial I've ever found was the Ring of Udrai tutorial for VX Ace. It is super in-depth and will give you a good grasp on the basics. Now, I realize that it is...
  19. LTN Games

    How To Install Plugins

    Just getting a head start on the support questions and making this little tutorial to teach those new to RM and MV how to install the plugins. If you would rather see a video explaining how to install plugins check out this. 1. Open your project folder 2. Open the js folder 3. Open the...
  20. Driftwood Gaming

    Greetings, Kings to you Yanfly~

    Hello everyone just got an invitation to join the forums and since I'm riding that MV hype train thought it was a good idea to be connected with like-minded people. Check out my brand new rpgmaker tutorial series at: Hope to work with you all soon!~