1. Lore

    Video/Sound Recording (for Tutorials, etc)

    Hi folks, I'm wanting to make a video of my Database setup tutorial, as well as potentially a beginning series of beginner tutorials. What I want to know is, for those who have done tutorials like this before, what screen capture/video recording, voice recording & video compilation software do...
  2. Aisling Starr

    Tutorial Videos For Newcomers

    This guy makes RPGMMV tutorials. He's also helped me personally. If you're new, this is a great place to start. He also has plugins. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqXLDebVx9rNnoSpcnNH3Q/featured
  3. Boy Who Codes

    Questions on MV Events / Scripting You Have (Youtube Videos)

    Hello everyone, Soul here. So for quite some time, my youtube channel became stale because to be honest I am still thinking which one is a good tutorial to make for people who would like to learn about MV. I do have a series planned but while making them, I want some alternate questions to...
  4. Lore

    Tutorial - Gold & EXP Drops

    Hey guys! This is my second tutorial, and in this one I'm going to go over my method of determining Gold & Experience Drops. Now, there are several tutorials relating to this out there (including one from @Driftwood Gaming here on the forums), and they may work for you. Every game is going to be...
  5. Lore

    Tutorial - Database Organization

    Hey guys, and welcome to my first tutorial. I hope that you guys can utilise this to help organise database information for your game/s. This is a method that I find easiest, as it allows you to quickly and easily see all of the information that you want, and can be easily changed if you need to...
  6. walidsab

    Hello guys

    My name is Walid from Algeria, I am new to RPGMMV, so I signed up to this forum to learn more.
  7. Zarsla

    Starting RPG Maker MV Videos

    Hey everyone, I'm starting two rpg maker video tutorial series. One is based on my game(s), that I'm making and the stuff featured in it. And the other I wish to be based on topics that you asked. I'm not good at scripting (so no how to make a plugin tutorials) but I know my way around...
  8. Driftwood Gaming

    Greetings, Kings to you Yanfly~

    Hello everyone just got an invitation to join the forums and since I'm riding that MV hype train thought it was a good idea to be connected with like-minded people. Check out my brand new rpgmaker tutorial series at: Hope to work with you all soon!~