1. Harmless

    Lockheart Indigo

    A private-eye must deceive a rich family into revealing their darkest secrets, before the killer amongst them silences everyone.
  2. Wazaki

    Net Neutrality RPG?

    So, recently I've been working on an RPG that involves recapturing the 5 shattered pieces of Net Neutrality. You play as Epoch, a local swordsman who must brave the terrors of Ajit Pai, and the rest of his high council. The game opens on a large chamber in the capitol city, which shows a council...
  3. Arythorn

    Push Them Away - A Visual Novel

    Before I begin, let me explain the reasons behind this game's creation. If you wish to just dive right in and read, feel free to skip this part. "Push Them Away" is a Visual Novel, more of a story than a game (though I figured MV would be the easiest thing for me to create it with, hence why...
  4. Lightcycler

    Le Renard [The Fox]: [In Dev]

    = Plot = 25 years ago, the noble king of Caecenia was usurped by a rebel force within his own land. The chief usurpers, named the Seven, have broken up the kingdom. Their regions are named for the color of their banners. Life since then has been chiefly peaceful. This peace, however, is an...
  5. MinisterJay


    Imagine that you are a tunnel bug that just got hatched. Survival is of the outmost importance. Your body's metabolism works very fast. As a matter of fact, any time you move, you lose health. There is one thing that restores that health, and that is food. Here is the sideview of Tun, the...
  6. Arythorn

    Reflection - A Narrative Story RPG

    What is 'Reflection'? 'Reflection' is a fictional story/visual novel. It is being produced to be entered in our forums latest contest/s. 'Reflection', is a WIP game and is based around one sole character; in fact - 'Reflection' - is her story... Who is 'Reflection' about? 'Reflection' is...
  7. MinisterJay

    MV.CO's First Game WIP Contest

    You read the title correctly. MV.CO is having our first game WIP (Work In Progress) contest. The rules are simple. 1. The RPG Maker MV game must not be completed. 2. You must provide the link to where the project is located in "Projects Under Development". 3. The link to your project must be...
  8. SalmonWine

    SILENCE (Official RPG Thread)

    Silence is an RPG created by a small group of people hoping to create a game for those who want a challenge. "All power comes with weakness" Every strength can be beaten. Where's the fun in collecting a +5 ATK sword, then a +20 ATK, then a +50 and so on...when you can have true decision. Maybe...
  9. Demonboy75

    Old Art v. New Art

    I took some pointers from the lovely people on this forum, as well as a few art tutorials I got from one of those lovely people. I got a suggestion to show my art to see if it was as bad as I thought it was before I got those pointers. Thus, I decided I would simply show what I have...
  10. Essy

    Tower of Agria

    Protagonists Sam Beatrix(Spoilers for the 0th Floor) [/spoiler] Setting Gameplay As for the pace of the ABS you are able to cancel actions into eachother. IE: With Sam her normal swing is an efficient way of inflicting damage quickly but if you need to split second dive out of danger you...