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1 Line Challenge

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Wize1, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. You just finished your latest RPG. You can only share it with the world in 1 sentence. What does it say?

    Comical, dark, serious, light-hearted, playful, mysterious, spooky, magical, or mysterious. All may apply
    Creative exercise for fun. : )
    I'll go first.

    "A world torn asunder and there is but one who can save it"
  2. Realistically offensive teenage dudes arguing with each other.
  3. Horrifically sarcastic demons attempt to get away with murder.
  4. A New York telephone conversation about what to wear.
  5. You made my day xD
  6. Get ready to go nuts. (Quote From The Peanuts Movie)
  7. Get ready to get your principles collapsed upside down with offensive, raw and explicite content!
  8. "You're not gonna save the world 1 time... but about 15 times!"
  9. "All it takes is one event to turn a man from evil intent to saving the world."
  10. It all begin the day.
  11. Dude, that's like, 90% of all RPGs out there. :D

    Anyway... "amnesiac immortals looking for the meaning of life."
  12. I dunno man that quote is sick as hell XD! I luv it. mine would be

    You're not the MC but the real died so you can be one now.
  13. "The last of the gods must descend and form a powerful army to stop the spread of corruption."
  14. I did'nt know you could be killed in so many different ways!
  15. "We are defying gods here, that's what is going to happen."

    Or maybe...

    "Why! It'd be no fun killing you just once!" (Actually a line from the trailer.)
  16. Long horrible battles for no particular reason while enjoying odd quips and avoiding game ending traps.
  17. Horrific scenes of death, mayhem, destruction, and cheese.
  18. A crazy 30 year old man escaping a bloody hospital.

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