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A Plug In Idea I guess

Discussion in 'Theory & Development' started by KaineOfElderon, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Well given my recent experiment in the medical field/being sick, it dawned on me for an idea for a plug in. Now some of this might start to sound a bit dark so sorry in advance.

    Why don't we have a medical plugin. Like one that you have to take a certain item for a cold and that also has other diseases like cancer and so forth that require certain meds or you died. Also something that effected character growth like a life long disease and or condition.

    Yes I know you can make certain conditions and items the old fashion database way...but those are take this and magically cured....let me tell you after 9 days in hospital, sometimes there is no magical item to take and cured instantly...also my god potato chips have never tasted soo good.

    Anyhow just a tought..any ideas to add?
  2. Sorry to hear about your recent misadventure, but this is a great idea for a plugin. I'm imagining there would be an easy-to-edit JSON file that would have kinds of illnesses and various parameters associated with each. Types of disease like Chronic, Acute, Wasting, Curse, Magic, etc could interact with states in interesting ways. Can definitely see this being a worthwhile project. Again, awesome idea!
  3. I was thinking that too but so far no luck...thankfully feeling much better now

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