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About Sponsor/Partner/Level 10 Members

Discussion in 'FORUM Feedback, Suggestions, and Help' started by Xyphien, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone! Many of you all have been wondering about the benefits of Sponsors, and Partners, as well as some other important questions relating them. I'm here to answer some of these, and let you know some of the perks between the two.

    A lot of you all have been asking where the money goes for the Sponsor/Partner payment. The answer is simple, all money we make goes back into the website. We put all money back into it in several ways, we put up advertisements, have people help with our SEO, buy addon/plugins for the forums, keep the hosting and domain name up and running, etc.

    What's the difference between Sponsors, Partners, and Level 10 members? There's little difference between level 10 members, Sponsors, and Partners other than their colors. We didn't want to limit the site for non-donators. We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to donate, or cannot donate $5 a month, so we have several options. If you wish to help out the community you can give us $15 a year to become a partner, $5 a month for Sponsor, or if you simply cannot donate, with enough badges and EXP you can become Level 10. They all have the same rewards, the only difference is Sponsors and Partners stand out more, and you get a neat little badge for each one :)

    What rewards do you get?

    Ahh, the ever so popular question. This is something we always try to add-on too. We love having loads of content available, but we also love the fact that by participating in the forums, or by helping out to donate, you will receive rewards for doing it. Below are some of the amazing rewards we currently have to offer (We're ever adding on to this :D)

    • Customizable Backgrounds. - The ability to add an image to the background of your profile for all to view!
    • Username Change - Users can change their username every 30 days (once a month). *Regular members get one username change a year*
    • Colored Usernames. Sponsored users username will be Yellow/gold whilst Partnered users username will be a lighter green. Level 10 members do not currently have a color, though we're debating on giving them a separate tint of grey to separate themselves slightly.
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