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    Hello everyone! Seeing as we have a lot of competitions and contests going on currently I'm deciding to make this post to have a list of all current contests. This will remove all the length in the sticky topics on the forums. Currently you have to scroll down the page just to get through the sticky announcements, and that doesn't seem to look very good, now does it?

    Below's a list of all the current contests, competitions, etc. going on, on the forums!
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  2. *cough* Christmas Theme contest is over :P *cough*
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  3. I dont see anything o.o?
  4. There will be more contests coming soon. Most will start on january and there may be a random contest this month.
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  5. An
    Is there any new contests dated yet?
  6. I do not see any competition out @@

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    The First Game WIP Contest thread is HERE Please put your Project Under Development link there. Thank you.
  8. If there are any other contests, I will gladly participate in it :o
  9. There are currently two contests that are active. One is for image artist, and the other is for music composers.

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