Amy's Pixel Place [Paid]

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  1. Welllllll, well, well. LOOK who it is!

    Great work as usual!
  2. Not open anymore?
  3. @neosky5k WELL WELL WELL! Nice to see you're here too, and thanks! (cheeky)

    @Akumai Hello! This is still open, but I'm not taking requests for character sprites at the moment. (They take the most time, so they're difficult to get done with my schedule right now). (smile)

    4/21 Update:
    • New + updated work samples
    Hey everybody! I went ahead and updated the main post with some more recent samples of my work [some of which is included below]. Have an awesome day! (wink)

    ^^ Note: Credit for the armored-lady's design goes to Hirei.

  4. Great work kid!
  5. Just gotta say, your art always inspires me to work harder! Thanks for that Amy!
  6. Thanks guys!

    >> I updated the look of the top post a bit. (cheeky)
  7. Hello there, I am very much interested in ur art, I sent u a friend request via discord. Name is Ika#5397.. Hope to be in touch if u have time for a paid request :)

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