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Android RPG Maker MV Guide

Discussion in 'MV Tutorials' started by Xilefian, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Hello again

    If I want to edit something in my project, can I just Path to the previous version to edit some stuff? Because now when I want to edit some event I must be uninstall whole of project and re-install new one and star to play game at first. It so annoying.

    Thank you
  2. This error is basically a perfect storm of your device and your computer having a weird complaint. You will need to search on Google how to solve this particular problem.
    The method I've seen is changing the Gradle version used, but this is slightly difficult if you have no idea what you're doing, so try to find a guide on Google. There's some info here; https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/gradle-plugin.html

    Again, this error could be anything as it appears rarely due to only really happening when multiple rare issues align. I've personally never encountered it, so I'm going by what I know from Android development communities.

    The www folder is compressed into the Android Assets, so you cannot send just your assets over to the APK. You will need to update the www folder and reinstall every time.

    You might be able to use Instant Run, I don't believe it works with the assets folder, but maybe give it a try and see if it helps speed things up for you. Scroll down to About Instant Run on this page; https://developer.android.com/studio/run/index.html

    In the future, I might make a way to remotely test your game on Android - I considered this feature for a bit - but it will be rather complicated. Basically you'd turn your MV project into a webserver and remotely connect to it via LAN in the app. I'm not likely to build this feature any time soon (or at all) as I have many other projects going on right now (including work projects).
  3. This is a great tool. I just have to figure out a way to reduce the file size of my project.

    I got the same error on a test project and not sure which of the following solved this issue

    1. In the SDK tools, make sure the Android Support Repository is installed
    2. In the build.gradle (Module:app), I changed the minSdkVersion to 22
    3. Sync your change
    4. In the build.gradle (Project:android) file, I changed the classpath from
      com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.4.0-alpha7 to
      com.android.tools.build:gradle:2.3.2. Stick with a more stable version of gradle.
    5. Once again sync your changes
    6. Finally (and more importantly), restart Android Studio.
    Turns out after Gradle updates, studio doesn't seem to sync and a restart of Android Studio needs to happen (https://stackoverflow.com/questions...m-android-ide-common-util-readwriteprocessloc
  4. Awesome, after going through a messy and loooong process of seting up a different way of exporting to android, and having that fail at the very end, It's super awesome to see this and have it work flawlessly on the first try. As a test, I exported yanfly's sample project to an apk, and everything runs great in it, a little laggy on my note 5.

    Using miniweb "http://miniweb.sourceforge.net/" you can make a mini http server that can run your game files, and then just point the app to your computer at port whatever you setup miniweb on. ~ since the app is essentially just running the index.html file from the www folder, could basically make a blank www folder with an index.html that points to your miniweb server. theoretically this should work just fine, but since I just thought about it while writing this post, naturally I havn't tested it. lol
  5. RPG Maker MV is just standard web stuff, so you could use any web server software you want, doesn't matter if it's miniweb or Bob's Mega WebServer 2.0, the hard part is coding the user interface for such an Android App.
  6. I was speaking from a simplicity standpoint, but even without an app behind it, but if you just want to see what the game would feel like from mobile, you can just launch a browser on a tablet/phone whatev and point it at your game too. What would probably be a more useful app, would be one that is just the wrapper, and allows you to then point it to a folder or archive on the portables storage, and run the game that way.
  7. Everything seemed to working ok here, but when I try a debug I get a 'java heap space' error. Not sure what to do about this?
  8. This error means that your computer is not giving Java enough memory for Android Studio to compile properly (either your computer doesn't have enough RAM or Java isn't getting enough RAM).

    You should search on Google about this error as I'm not sure how to fix for your operating system. My development machine has 32GB of RAM so I don't even get these errors (unless I'm using eclipse IDE, which is where I recognise this error).

    If you have another computer with more RAM, try it on that (Android Studio works on Windows, Mac and Linux).
  9. How to create the project from scratch. For android 4.4
  10. Updated project to android_104

    This sets the default gradle to be the stable version, as suggested by @cuzisaidso earlier - the project should require less configuring that before, but the tutorial remains unchanged.

    I also tidied up the project, removing unused folders, comments that aren't going to be read, and all the testing related code. The gradle file has also been shrunk, so there's less to stare at there.

    Already starting to feel the bite of Crosswalk no longer being in development as it is not compatible with newer versions of the support appcompat library.
  11. yo! got this error message, do you have an X86 of the zip file??

    Error:CreateProcess error=216, This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need a x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher
  12. The ZIP doesn't have an architecture associated with it, it's not a program, it's literally just a load of text files.

    This error is related to your JDK environment. I suggest you switch to using Android Studio's embedded JDK:
    File -> Project Structure... -> SDK Location -> JDK Location
    Make sure Use embedded JDK is ticked.

    If it is already ticked, then the problem is your operating system. Android Studio by default expects 64bit Windows, the installer doesn't support the older 32bit version of Windows.
    You can download the 32bit version of Android Studio as a ZIP archive; https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html#downloads however it doesn't have a handy installer to guide you. You need to manually extract that downloaded zip and open the program yourself.
  13. wow, that was fast,

    i'll shift to x64 then..

  14. where is the folder assets??

    Attached Files:

  15. You're looking at the wrong thing. Notice how what you're looking at is completely different to the image in the tutorial.

    If you look to the left, you'll see the "Project" tab on its side with a green icon. Click on that to expand it and see your project files.

    EDIT: I've gone ahead and updated the tutorial to clarify that it is inside the "Project" tab.
  16. i found it here.
    just try to paste in there.
    its work. thanks.

    Attached Files:

  17. You see where it says "Project" at the top? Click that and it will give you a list, select "Android" and then you'll see what the tutorial shows. This is described in Step 3 underneath the picture.

    The folder you found works too - obviously - but you'll be lost on the rest of the tutorial which requires the "Android" perspective.
  18. Hi, im new to this and it worked. But i got an issue, after I install the apk on my device, when i execute it, the menu starts to blink, and when i press start game it get stuck in now loading... What could it be?
  19. Sounds like either your game is causing a problem or your device isn't behaving nicely.

    Try your exported game on another device or in a web browser (open the index.html file inside the www with a browser like Firefox).

    If it works on other devices, then it is your device's fault. If it doesn't work, then it's your game's fault, in which case you need to investigate what Plugins you are using and if disabling them fixed the problem. It may be a case of a Plugin depending on an asset which is removed when you export with Removed unused assets checked.
  20. yo!
    its me again, thanks for this wonderful guide i can now convert my games any time i want.
    however, do you any idea about the controls? or how can i add a D-pad controls on and android output.


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