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Android RPG Maker MV Guide

Discussion in 'MV Tutorials' started by Xilefian, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. #161 CatFish21sm, Oct 24, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
    Ahhhhh! I think I know where I screwed up! I did delete some files that I thought I had multiples of >.> I'll start over from scratch to make sure I get it right this time and I'll be sure to double check this stuff...
    Thanks for such a quick reply!

    -- Edit --

    It worked! Thanks sooo much!!!
  2. Hello

    I have a question about port on android.

    How correct update app, i don't have problems with port RPGMMV on android (Thanks for this menthod by the way), but have problem with app update.

    On this moment i just change www folder in project to the new, but when i try update, phone told me something like this "A package with this name already exists".

    What need to do to update app and don't erase saves?
  3. I can't help you with actual updates but I can tell you what's happening.
    Basically you're phone is saying that a game with the same name as yours already exists on the device. It's asking if you want to over write the data. I'm not sure how this works on android, but with windows if you choose to over-write the data it will normally keep your save files as long as they don't exist in the new project.
    Your basically replacing the older files with the newer ones, so if a file is missing from the update then it will automatically be carried over. Save files are a good example as they are usually left out of updates. (Again this is for windows not android)
    But updating a game in beta or alpha and keeping save files is never recommended because it can lead to any number of bugs or issues if not done correctly.
  4. I changed versionCode with name, but this didsn't help .
  5. This actually highlighted a small cosmetic issue in the code, which I've fixed for future users.

    App updates must have a greater app versionCode than previous versions, this is what tells Android that this is an "update" and not a "new version". The versionCode is found in the build.gradle (app) file, I've highlighted the line here: https://github.com/AltimitSystems/m...ca8de600aa548b71008d22a3/app/build.gradle#L33

    You need to change that 105 to 106 - it needs to be a number higher than 105 to be identified as an update. If I were you, I'd use versionCode 1000 to separate it from the old versionCode of the MV Android Client.

    If you still get this message on your phone even after you've changed the versionCode then unfortunately you have no choice but to uninstall the old version. Hopefully Google app backup will restore your save-files, but don't count on this. Users of your Release version on the Google Play Store (or any other store) will not have to uninstall the old app, changing the versionCode will work perfectly fine for them. This is a quirk related to the development version of your game, so only developers/debuggers will ever need to uninstall the old version (if the new versionCode does not work).
  6. Thanks for your answer.

    I already solved problem with update. I used sign for app and now i can update even without change versioncode. An important remark, I do not use google play , I will distribute through the site.

    Now i have another problem. Phone see that is update, but after the update, all saveings are deleted. versioncode i changed on higher. ,
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 30, 2017, Original Post Date: Oct 29, 2017 ---
    I tried to find where the game keep save files from game, but didn't find. I hoped to save them manually.
    As i understood the game not create additional folder, like all other app. I mean Android\data. So that is a problem too.

    I don't undestand how to not lose save files ufter update. Maybe I do something wrong. If update on totally the same version. I don't lose save data, but if I try to update on new version, i lose save. Change or not change versionCode, it is no matter, result the same.
  7. I think I'll consider this a bug that needs fixing. The save files are set to backup to your Google account, however I have no idea how this works with updates.

    Are you using WebView or Crosswalk? I have a feeling this is an issue with Crosswalk..
  8. Thanks for help.

    I found the problem, that was tottaly my mistake.
    Problem in RPGMMV. I used diferent name for game in RPGMMV system (Like game-0.1 and game-0.2, so as not to be confused between them), thats why after update to new version don't see save data of previos version.
  9. thanks for updating this for the new android studio 3.0
    I used your previous tutorial to pack RMMV game.
    When I use the new template under android studio 3.0. I got a problem when trying to update the app on my tablet (with a build from android studio 2.3 with the previous template version 104 I believe).
    After confirming the update the install will fail and say there is a conflict. Is it possible to use the build under 3.0 with the new package to update the build from older versions? If not it means all players will lose their save if I release this new update :(
    In the past with builds from the same version of android studio the new apps can just overwrite old version and the save files will be kept...
  10. You need to increase the versionCode in the build.gradle (app) file (see here: https://github.com/AltimitSystems/m...d7fa791eef3bf071c39d0441/app/build.gradle#L36)

    In the older versions that code would have been "104", in the new version it is reduced back to "1" because it should be the version code for your game, rather than the MV Android Client (which is what I was using it for before).

    Change it to a higher number like 105 or 110 and then it will be detected as an app update.
  11. #171 doranikofu, Nov 7, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2017
    it is not this issue, I did change the version number. The system recognizes it is an update, but the install will fail saying there is a conflict.
    "app not installed. the package conflicts with an existing package by the same name"
    Is there some change in file structure, etc? The previous build was based on the android_104.zip you posted.
  12. If you've increased the version number, then this error only happens for test-builds, it shouldn't happen for release builds (your users should be able to update normally).

    As an example; if you've installed a release build on your phone but you're trying to run a test build then this error will happen. The only thing you can do is increase the versionCode, if that doesn't work then you must uninstall/reinstall. Again; end-users will be able to update normally, this only happens with test builds vs non-test builds.
  13. Thanks for that Guide, it took a while but is working now.
    So far I could not manage to connect my smart phone with adb. I copied the apk-file to my phone and installed it with using a file-browser. Could be an alternative way to run it.

    However it runs very very very slow. It's not playable at all (about 2-4fps). It's only a small example I made for testing.
    Could the alternative way of installation the reason? Someone else tested?
    Or is more likely my phone is to old only using Android 4.1.2? It can run far more complex games.
    Or would it run much faster if I compile it with release mode instead debug? (Could not install this so far)
  14. If - for some reason - you are unable to set your phone to developer mode and have it appear in Android Studio then copying the file over manually is the only thing you can do. I have found that using Dropbox with the Dropbox app is easiest in this scenario for regular people.

    The installation method has zero impact on performance. It's more likely your phone is too old. The Android version is not important (it almost never is important); tell us the model of your phone, that gives us all the information. Try switching between WebView and Crosswalk to see if either one performs better for you.

    Release mode might actually improve performance as there could be some compile-time optimisations made due to lack of need for debugging information. There's thousands of guides online for how to sign an Android app for release - give it a try and tell us if it helped, I'm interested myself.

    Remember that MV itself doesn't run particularly fast in general; even the best smartphones struggle sometimes, so an older device is sure to have pretty bad performance.
  15. #175 MVfan, Nov 15, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
    "developer mode"...Oh, only activated unknown sources. With active USB debugging option is working now, thanks for the hint. With Android Studio Run it takes long time, faster with copy+paste+install. ("Quick Run" only for version 20 and above)

    Already tested, it has about no impact.

    In meantime also noticed that not signed is the reason. I didn't knew that's needed 1 hour ago. First Android App, first MV Project :)
    It sounds like signing is complicated. However if I do so, I will post the results here.

    Its a LG-P880 Optimus 4X HD

    Oh, also new don't work sometimes?

    Ah, as also someone else already wrote I if generate the android files with RPG Maker MV some are missing and I get some errors during runtime. Need to produce web first and on top of that android.

    Thanks again for help.
  16. hi!!! everithing works perfectly!!!
    just have a question. is this project free to use for commercial project?
    Cause I see a Altmit System ltd copyright in the Values.xml file
  17. It's free to use for commercial projects, but no support is given for such projects.

    The copyright covers the runtime code, it's still free to use, but don't pretend you made the runtime and don't try to sell the code itself as your own.

    You're free to remove the copyright notice, but please don't change it as that would be seen as claiming copyright over someone else's code, a dickish thing to do.

  18. thanks a lot!!!!
  19. Hi all. Thanks to all for the many explanations.

    I'm stuck at converting a Game into an App. It works fine, but when i use the Plugin from SumRndmDde- the CharacterCreater EX, the app doesn't work. Does anybody else have this problem?

    I tested it with other plugins. The others works...

    Is there an other option to give the player the choice to create his own character?

    Thanks for the Tool :)
  20. If the Plugin requires internet, then you may need to add the Android internet permission.

    Beyond that, you will need to contact the Plugin author; the Android MV Client doesn't do anything special to break Plugins that work normally with vanilla RPG Maker MV. If a Plugin doesn't work in the Android MV Client, then it is the Plugin that is broken. The author should be notified so they can fix the issue and improve their Plugin for all platforms.

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