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Artist + Voice Actors Needed! (Volunteers!)

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by Stevushka, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. #1 Stevushka, Jan 17, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
    Hello everyone, I have begun making my game, The Adventures Of Todd: A School RPG.

    I'm kind of in a pickle because I don't want to use RPG Maker MV's default character generator, (honestly it just doesn't have the parts that I want) and I have no artistic talent whatsoever; as stated in my profile, I'm a programmer and a story writer. Simply put, I need an artist and voice actors.
    As a disclaimer, most likely I will not be able to pay you for your contribution to the project, this is mostly volunteer work.

    TAT:ASRPG is a story-driven adventure set in the modern day, which follows a boy named Todd through his years in primary school (Elemantary - High school). Throughout Todd's story, He will make friends, enemies, and learn valuable life lessons such as the importance friendship, and the struggles of growing up. The story is split into 3 distinct parts, each defined by the school Todd is in, and the challenges he faces.
    Although other games have been made with a school setting, what sets my game apart is the way the setting and events are portrayed, and a story spanning several years, which I believe will allow the player to see the characters actually grow, physically and mentally.
    My plans for the game are simple: My original hope was to finish and release the game before I graduate in 2018, but I realize that might not happen, so the project deadline might change. When the game is finished, I plan to put it out on steam for $0.99 or more depending on how long it takes to make or the amount of content in the final product. I'm not currently looking for a permanent team, but if you're interested, I'll be glad to keep in touch for future projects.

    TAT:ASRPG Follows the early life of Todd, a young boy who is shy at first, but will have to survive 16+ years in the educational system before becoming an adult. Within this time, Todd will have to find his place in the world, and figure out who he is, while making friends, enemies, and other relationships. And maybe learn a few important life lessons along the way.

    **To view the full detailed story, see the Project Page in the "Projects Under Development" section of the forum.

    Main Characters:
    • Todd - The main protagonist, not much is known about him since he has no backstory, (He's only 5-6 y/o at the start of the game, he hasn't done much in the first few years of his life),Todd wants to figure out how he fits into the world, and requires the help of his friends (and a little player interaction ;) ) to figure it out.
    • Alex - Todd's soon-to-be best friend, Alex often acts as Todd's moral compass, and the ultimate wingman. Alex is ready and willing to support Todd in any way possible, from overcoming challenges, to getting a girlfriend.
    • Jose - Todd's First Nemesis, Jose is the son on an infamous Drug Lord who helped start Jose's first business in Elementary school: The Candy Cartel. Jose views his father as a role model and wants to continue the family business, cutting down anyone that gets in his way.
    • Nicole - One of Todd's first crushes, Nicole is a sweet girl who dislikes violence and injustice. She prefers to settle conflict with words, as opposed to sticks and stones. When Todd has to choose between her and Isabel, Nicole appeals to Todd's good side.
    • Isabel - Todd's other crush, Isabel is a free-spirit who like getting in trouble and often avoids getting caught. If she is caught, Isabel is charming enough to get her way. When Todd has to choose between her and Nicole, Isabel appeals to Todd's mischievous side.
    • Derek - Todd's other Nemesis, Derek is a mean bully who has lots of influence within his school, and has recruited an army of like-minded bullies to enforce his rule over students, and teachers alike.
    • Chelsea - Todd meets Chelsea later in his story, but when he does, he falls in love with her. Chelsea is the perfect combination of his previous crushes; she's smart, nice, pretty, and she's not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Todd just has to win her over.
    **Old news: I decided to remove Danielle from the "cast" of characters since I could not fit her into the story.

    Other Characters:
    • Toy Thief
    • Other kids/students
    **Old news: The "Exchange Student" was removed from the game due to plot changes
    I don't have any images of the characters, if I did I wouldn't be here asking for help ;) )

    Positions needed:
    • Artist (One or more)- I need sprite sheets for the protagonist and several other characters at different ages. (young, tween, teenager, and young adult). Sprites will include Males, Females, and a variety of modern outfits (t-shirts, jeans, backpacks, hoodies, etc)
    **Old news: I have found an artist to help with the spritesheets, But if anyone still wants to help with the tilesets, I'd be more than happy to bring you aboard ;)
    • Voice actors (10+) - Anyone who would be interested in, and has the ability to voice dialogue for 1 or more characters. I have not finished writing the dialogue yet, so I cannot guarantee that I can give you anything to voice right now. You may have to wait until I have something.
    **An artist is needed the most, as I don't want to start making the game without the art, however I might decide to forget voice acting if I can't get enough volunteers.
    • Musician - Anyone who has experience in making 8-bit tracks. I won't need anything too fancy or complicated, just some short tracks with different pitches, drops, and speeds depending on the track.

    Main characters:
    • Alex (Maybe Taken?)
    • Nicole
    • Isabel
    **Update: I have a possible voice actor for one of the 2 female roles, but I'm not sure which role they will take. Anyone else who is interested, let me know and I'll make sure you get one of the roles. Also, Chelsea was moved to the Sequel that I'm planning. I am not currently looking for a voice actor for her.

    Other Characters:
    • Toy Thief
    • Other kids/students (6+)
    • Teachers (3+)
    **Update: The "Exchange Student" was removed from the game due to plot changes

    If interested, please comment or message me whether you want to help with art, or voice acting.

    UPDATE: I have also added the role of musician. I already have tracks, but they were randomly generated online. If anyone would be willing to help make new, simple (nothing too fancy or complicated) tracks for me to use instead, the help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey! I have experience in voice acting and directing voice talent. I'd love to see if I can help? Here is a link to a project I worked on last year as both Voice director and some small character parts.

  3. If you do decide to add voice acting, I'm interested. I see you have a lot of female characters. I could take a stab at them. I'm a writer, and I sing, but I've never really tried voice acting (been in a couple plays though). Good luck on trying to get it done before your graduation!
  4. HI Neil, thanks for replying. I would love to bring you aboard, but I am currently writing the script/dialogue for the game, and I don't have anything for you now. However, I'll let you know when I have a role and dialogue for ya ;)

    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 26, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 26, 2017 ---
    Hey BlizZaga, As I explained to Neil London, I don't have the full script yet, and as of when I'm writing this, I have only just started coming up with the dialogue for the characters Isabel and Nicole. Also as I stated in an update to my original post, I removed Danielle as of one the characters and I found someone at my school who might be interested in filling one of the roles. I'll let you know what she decides on (if she decides to help), and we'll talk about which other character(s) you can take. Also singing won't be necessary lol, and thanks for your reply!
  5. Awesome, ok! Looking forward to it.
  6. Hey if your still in need of voice actors I am interested.
  7. Hey Jai_Aki, thanks for volunteering! Was there any specific role you were looking at? As of now I already have someone for Derek and Jose, I'm doing Todd, and another friend is Doing Alex. That doesn't really leave any main (Male) characters for you to voice. However, the friends I have in mind to voice Derek and Alex might cancel, so if you wish to do either, tell me and I'll put you down as a backup voice actor for each.Otherwise, I'll have a plethora of NPCs and side characters (such as the Toy Thief), once I finish writing the script and fully fleshing out the plot, that will need voicing. Please shoot me a message or reply as to what roles you would be interested in doing.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 20, 2017, Original Post Date: Mar 20, 2017 ---
    I apologize for the wait you two, things have been hectic at school and I have not been able to work on the script very much, as I've moved on to working on the maps and tilesets while I wait for my artist to finish some of the spritesheets :/

    I'll get around to finishing the script soon, but in the meantime, please tell me which roles you would be interested in taking! As I've explained to Jai_Aki, I don't currently have any main (male) roles available, but that may be subject to change; And I still haven't figured out if the girl at my school will take Isabel or Nicole, so we'll see. Once I have enough of the script to go off of, I'll approach her again to confirm if she'll help, and I'll let you know what she decides. On the other hand, I have tons of NPCs and side characters that will need voicing; And tell me if you have any ideas for a new side character, that you will also like to voice! (For example, give me an idea for a side-mission and a side character, and I'll make sure you get that part!).

    Again, sorry for the wait, I'll get around to finishing the script so you two can start as soon as possible!
  8. Still need voice actors? I'm interested in helping if you need a guy. :)
  9. Of course LunarB! Like I told everyone else, I still need to finish the script before I have anyone start recording, so you'll have to wait a bit until I do finish. In addition, all the main male characters are taken, but you're welcome to take any NPC character or enemy role. However, if you're still interested in a main character role, tell me and I'll mark you down as a backup actor for those roles. Thanks for volunteering, and I'll try to keep everyone updated on my progress on my main thread under "Projects Under Development"
  10. Hey that's cool, I had read the reply to the other posts.
    I'll literally do anything you need. Put me down as a backup, as enemy(s), extras, monster noises, high-pitched shrieking - you name it. (snicker)
  11. Lmao, I'll be sure to make a role for the last one and sign you up for it XD

    But joking aside, thank you so much for volunteering. I've finished planning out the maps, (you can view my update log on my post here: https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/the-adventures-of-todd-a-school-rpg-tat-asrpg.6040/ ) and now I can focus on writing the script, especially since I organized the plot into the separate missions as they'll be seen in-game, so it shouldn't be long now before I put y'all to work lol. Expect me to be finished BEFORE the end of May this year, I'll contact everyone once I'm done.
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  12. Would definitely be interested in some voice acting stuff! I have the equipment to record myself in my home studio.
  13. Great! I'll notify you and everyone else here when I have the script written out, I'll find something for everyone ;)
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 23, 2017, Original Post Date: Apr 12, 2017 ---
    Hey everyone, thanks so much again for volunteering to voice act for my game. I have only just recently started writing the final script for the game. Unless someone wants a REALLY young character to voice right now, you'll just have to wait a few weeks longer before I have something for ya. I'm only about halfway through writing the first act, only because I've been busy with school stuff and I've been re-planning and making changes along the way. I promise I'm working as fast as I can, but I understand if any of you want to drop out. For those of you that are still interested in voice acting for this game, just hold on; I'll have something for y'all soon. I'll PM all of you a list of the available roles/characters when I get that sorted out, and I'll need you to choose what role(s) you'll want to take. Again, I'm working as fast as I can, and many thanks for your patience. Stay Awesome!
    --- Double Post Merged, May 16, 2017 ---
    Hey everyone, I apologize in advance, but the script is taking a lot longer than expected... I'm still working on it, and I'll contact anyone who already replied to this post as I go along... Sorry for the wait, I've just been really busy lately.
  14. I'm good for whenever man, just let me know! Take your time, I know how these things go.
  15. Thanks for understanding! Just message me if you have an idea of any kind of roles you're interested in.

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