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Discussion in 'Ask Me Anything' started by jaye, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. I guess that I will give this a shot. Lol. Ask away!
  2. Eyyy sugah sugah, why you so sweet =u=

    Hee, okay seriously though did you draw your own avatar? It's really cute! I wanna give her noogies. <u<
    Checking out your home page linked in your signature, I notice your cast is wonderfully diverse regarding race, rather nice in a white washed world. The design of the images reminds me of Steven Universe tho, you a fan? I also noticed you have fishing items in your game plans, you plan on making fishing a mechanic? That'd be a really nice break from the ups and downs of heavy plot points~

    More about you tho, what kinda movies n animes ya like? And games? And most importantly, favourite pizza toppings!

    I got more but I don't wanna be obnoxious, sorreh. :3c
  3. Yes, I drew my avatar. I love drawing! Simple and fun designs! I am trying to include different mechanics and stuff in my game so you always have something to do besides the main storyline. Every extra quest and mini adventure reward you with something to help on your adventure so it's never a waste of time to try the mini-games and quests. I love all kinds of movies especially horror and gore. My favorite is the Alien series. As for games, I love Nintendo title mostly. I am a retro girl! First person games make me nauseous. Lol. My favorite game is the Resident Evil series. Yay! I love anime but I don't watch much of it nowadays. My favorite is DBZ, but I like a lot of different ones. My favorite pizza is supreme or a lot of different toppings! Except Canadian Bacon! Ugh!
  4. omygosh I love drawing too. I miss mah tablet, was never that good with it but it was still fun ;w;

    The quest thing sounds pretty nice. I love games with interesting side quests, gives you lots more to do and helps fill out the world as well. :) Oooh you know what'd be cool is a baking system, like they have on Paper Mario. It was kinda neat travelling around the world collecting rare and exotic foods for the cook to make into dishes. Mmm, lemon lime~ <3

    Heh, wow I never would have expected horror from your general demeanor. Have you seen The Thing yet? So far it's my fav horror movie. Some classic eldritch terror right there. Can't think of any modern ones that are really good tho, any suggestions?

    I actually still play SNES games, though since my mom sold all my stuff without permission I have to play on an emulator. :c I've been getting more into N64 and PS1 games as well. Far as specific titles, Super Mario World will always be my numbah one jam, yesss. Only RE game I've played tho was Resident Evil 5. Sure it's meh, but the multiplayer was just so fun nnf~ ...Does that make me a retro girl too?

    I mostly got my anime from Adult Swim. Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop are fantastic titles <3 Have you seen One Punch Man yet? I got caught up in the manga online and suddenly it stopped. Was a bit worried at first, but when I heard an anime was coming out, I just had to jump that train. Glad I did, it's super fun and a fantastic parody of modern superhero tropes.

    oh gosh yes supreme is called supreme for a reason =u= We have this chain around where I live called Papa Murphy's, they make these stuffed pizzas. I mean look at this thing:
    They got one with artichoke, chicken and bacon on white sauce, it's basically heaven in the form of pizza. Not so good for my thighs, though.
  5. Probably does make you a retro! Lol. I love Bebop too! Not a huge fan of Ghost in the Shell, but I did love the original movie. I have seen One Punch Man. Well a few episodes, and it's pretty cool. I like the action. OMG! I love the Thing! Not the remake, but the original. As far as modern horrors, I haven't really found any good ones. I like the Conjuring, but it isn't scary enough. I'm still waiting for a good werewolf movie. Lol.

    I have never had Papa Murphy's, but that looks good! I'm gonna do some research and see if I have one near me.
  6. Yessss. Pixel robot SMAAASH. **Snrk**

    Every time I try to watch the thing here, I get one of my roommates asking me to watching something else because they say it's too frightening, pff. I didn't know there's a remake though. I take it it's not as good?

    Werewolves always just make me think of Warren Zevon. Awoooo, werewolves of London~. Good stuff. Personal fav monsters are ghosts n vampires, though, which might be a little sad cuz I see them more as cute than scary (shh I'm weird I know). I have Hotel Transylvania to thank for that. Cough.

    Thanks for sharing by the way! Meeting new people is always fun <3
  7. You're most welcome! Thanks so much for chatting with me!!
  8. Never really done a forum before, so I was wondering if I could have your help with this plugin I've been looking at, its the Moghunter LMBS plugin, i'm trying to figure out how to get the characters to move more freely (up and down) like Mimana iyar chronicles, think you could at least point me in the right direction?
  9. I have no idea, but there are tons of Youtube videos explaining how to use it:

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