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Ask the Owner Anything

Discussion in 'Ask Me Anything' started by Xyphien, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. I'm drinking Soju (Mixed with Coolaid), as well as Angry Orchard, Crisp Apple.
    I'd like to think so lol.
    I thought it was for a game. If it's just my name in a novel, I'd like Xyphien.com credited :)
    Not really, though I like to download and have the latest mixtapes before everyone else. idk why, It's just one thing I like to do, that way I always have new music.
    When I first got into Pivot I saw one of my favorite animators made a forum, and I asked him how I do it, and he showed me it. That ways in 2009, and every since I got hooked on it.
  2. Do you drink regularly, rarely or socially (I wonder if that's a weird set of variables...)?
    What kinds of questions do you like best?
    What do YOU like best about RPGMakerMV.co? I'm curious how it's seen by the owner's perspective.

    In regards to the name use: I LOVE names in general, and since I'm in the midst of NaNoWriMo prep, I mostly thought "I wanna use this name for a random story character". You may totally end up a game character too, but knowing for both is helpful either way.

    ...*totally wants to make you a quasi-playable character in game now gak*

    No matter what, I promise not to put actual details of you into the character. They'll be from different places, have different ages/backstories, etc. Hard to say on personality since I only know you vaguely, though...But that's changing slowly but surely. :D
  3. Not going to lie. I never saw this until just now :O

    As of now, I drink on the weekends. However, prior to this new years I drank whenever I didn't have PT (Work out) the next morning. Which means if I was on a mission, or guarding the gate, etc. I'd be drunk about every day for 2 weeks straight. I've cut back a lot though :D

    As for me in games I'm more than down. Feel free to include personal stuff about me lol. I'm an open book :D As for my personality, I'd like to think I'm the coolest, most energetic, socially outgoing, socially awkward introvert out there.
  4. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    According to a Cornell publication, the answer is ~700 pounds
  5. I'd have to go with 7 if I do say so myself. 7 is "The number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of Truth (notice the capital "T"). The 7 doesn't take anything at face value -- it is always trying to understand ..." as according to google. And as for how that goes with your question, I'm unsure fully but I feel that it's a good guess to the question.
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  6. D-d-do you love m-m-m-me?
  7. What are some of the trials (difficult aspects or parts necessary to complete though are not what you look forward to) you face when it comes to making games?
  8. Awhh... Sage, you know this answer already (love)

    It has to be time management for both myself and the rest of the group that's working on Camstratia. Not that it's bad, but that we all have separate lives and often times we're hit with irl things that make it so we cannot continue with the product for months at a time. After you have a huge break it's hard to get the ball rolling again.
  9. You're dead to me.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked already, I didn't read through all the questions but... what gave you the idea to start this forum? I'd like to know a bit of history~~
  11. When I found out MV was coming out I found out there was no sites specifically for it yet so I decided to buy RPGMakerMV.co almost instantly we gained a lot of members and I was honestly shocked. I then found out that a lot of people had complaints about the other RM sites. Staff being too power hungry, over aggressive, etc. So I set out to attempt to make this site the nicest, friendliest, and best RM community out there.
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  12. From what I've seen so far that seems to have worked! At least I think so~~
  13. I can answer question 3 i took a course in IT Called certificate 3 in information technology at Victoria University We did flash animations web page design and excel
    About this time a friend of mine nicknamed "Dylan The Villan" Introduced Me To Rpg Maker Xp
  14. Got another question for you Xyphien, out of everything possible with the RPG Maker engines, what so far has been the most confusing or most frustrating thing to work on?
  15. My lack of knowledge with coding hinders me from doing most things, and forces me to rely on others. For example:
    Moving the "New Game", "Continue", and "Options" over and removing the white outline so it fits with the board might seem easy to most who know how to code. Without much knowledge in it, I'm pretty helpless when it comes to that. It's extremely frustrating, and trying to learn how to do it is confusing, and has a hue learning curve imo.
  16. #96 Xilefian, Sep 24, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
    You probably picked one of the most easiest examples you could there. My very, very first foray into programming (literally the first thing I did, with less than zero knowledge of coding) was actually modifying exactly this for RPG Maker XP in Ruby back in the day.

    I'll make a quick thread discussing learning how to do this from the perspective I had as a child when I knew zero about coding.

    EDIT: Here you go, this thread describes my thinking and is based on the story of how I actually achieved this task some 13 years ago; https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/learning-how-to-navigate-the-code.7841/

    Some of the thinking might not be obvious to people, like what words to search for (searching for "new game") and recognising the meaning behind some words (opacity comes to mind, here).

    I grew up with an internet that was not convenient and I went to a school with an incredibly strict internet filter: I had to learn effective "Google" techniques and that teaches everything about what words to search for.
    As for recognising words, I credit my very broad education for exposing me to a huge vocabulary.
  17. #97 MistyDay, Oct 3, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
    will you kill me if they order it ?
  18. Ordered what? (shocked)
  19. [​IMG]
  20. Yes my lord. [​IMG]
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