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Attack Power based on quantity of weapons

Discussion in 'MV Discussion' started by Swordferret, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a somewhat overpowered class with attack power based on the quantity of swords in the players inventory Any suggestions? Ive had no luck so far, as even with a variable that goes up attached to a common event, it only happens when the weapons are equipped. I know its a weird thing but any help is appreciated.
  2. I've been awake far past healthy so I'm not going to drule on my keys trying much right now. Must sleep....
    I'll have a peek when I rise next. I have a few questions to help the spiders help you.

    When/How does said variable increase?
    How does that variable make you stronger?
    What does the common event do?
    How is the common event triggered?
    Can your actors switch classes?
    Can you switch classes?
    Are you switching actors to switch classes?

    Can we get a forum app for screenCasting publically for a secure and easier means of troubleshooting? LOL

    MV has so many possibilities it's tough to know whats going on inside a project across the web. Even if you send it to someone it takes time to diagnose. Things will be clearer if you can aswer some of those questions. If you think of any other info that would help, hook us up, we got you. I can think hardly right now :) night night
  3. Well, the idea was that when a sword enters the inventory,without being equipped it would add 1 to a variable. I have a skill that has that variable in the damage formula, so as it would increase, so would the damage. But because to my knowledge you can't put a common event on a weapon, I ran into trouble getting the variable to accumulate. The common event had no trigger. An so far, my actors can't change classes yet, I'm not terribly far into my project and I am learning as I go

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