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Bellmont--a semi-urban RPG with a draw system



Mar 14, 2017
RM Skill
Okay, first off the bat, this is a little Persona-esque in some of the technical plot points.
The idea is this:
MC (Main Character) comes to the city of Bellmont after being accepted to a prestigious school, Levoy Academy. The city has a history of racial tension, and so it takes a bit for MC to get used to the city and its..."quirks". At the same time, weird/bad stuff is starting to happen. Things going missing, people suffering from moderate to severe changes in personality, and things that go bump in the night. Also rampant gangs and a pinch of political corruption. Gets into some Judeo-Christian elements, as well as Ugarthic.

MC has a nasty run in with one of these gangs, but is interrupted when one of the gang members turns a monster. A blue-haired man in a suit appears and offers him the power to steal these monsters' abilities. He also explains that Bellmont is filling with sin, and the most sinful people are causing distortions, in effect making people's misdeeds manifest as monsters and odd phenomena.

Basically MC goes around trying to eradicate the sin, gathering party members along the way to help save the city.

Here's some first-step designs for characters (using MV character look for now):
MC (calling him Curtis, but I'll any name propositions) Uses Eastern-style swords (katana, tachi, uchigatana, and the Chinese dai)
8250<- used Piskel to get hair darker than MV Preset.
Hunter (member of once-noble group turned thuggish) Uses fist weapons
8251<--used Piskel for the hair's color and to make the shirt.
Camilla (Girl training in a Criminal Justice vo-tech course to be a police officer) Uses firearms
8252<--I need to make her hair darker, maybe ditch the glasses.
Henry (Rich heir to Cross Industries---big plot point, that one!) Uses Western-style swords, as well as shields.
8253<--He considers this "casual attire".
Sam(not sure on name) (Geeky nerd [or is it nerdy geek?] that enjoys playing classic arcade MAME cabinets) Uses either book or staff as weapon. Still deciding on that.
8254<--See, HE'S got Levoy's uniform!
[Still working on at least 2 more!]

Game primarily uses a variant of the Draw system from FF8, as well as Yanfly's Party Limit Gauge and Moghunter's Battle HUD + Commands.
Here's the what the Battle HUD looks like:
Currently, the enemy above is a base idea for the boss of a distortion in Levoy Academy. Currently calling it "the Chairman" for lack of a better name.

For HUDs along with enemy and weapon designs, I'm trying to use as much of my own work as possible.

So, please tell me what you think, and sorry I don't have much else yet to display! Any and all criticism/tips are helpful![/SPOILER]