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Change of image background grid color?

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Mr. Open, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Hello! If you are slightly confused by my question I suggest looking at the image I attached to explain it more clearly (I have no idea what is the proper name of that grid, some people on a different forum have thought I'm talking about grid sizes in the game for some odd reason?). So, I've been working on street light graphics and wanted to include them in my game to make maps a bit more interesting, but the "weak street lights" I wanted to use are barely visible there and it's hard for me to estimate how would they work without testing the game every single time. I've seen my friend change its color in VX Ace I believe, is there a way to do so in MV?
    Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 10.34.23.png
    This white and gray color really makes white lights difficult to notice, It'd make things much more convenient for me since it's not the only white image I'll work on.

  2. tl;dr for some people - Is there a way to change the color(s) of the grid in the background on picture attached?
  3. Like this?


    if so...it's in Tools>Options. (cool)
  4. Oh my god, I was looking for it in the database, to be frank I forgot about a Tools bar.. (slanty)
  5. Oh yes I could see how that could happen.
    Happy to help. Happy game making. (cool)
    Thread closed due to this being solved. (cute)
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