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Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by ThePureSpectre, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. #1 ThePureSpectre, Jul 19, 2017
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
    -The Pure Spectre

    {Edit: Here is a quick note;
    the story I'm mentioning here is actually a lot more in depth than I'm letting on. This is only what the general plot is, and thus, is only what the general public will be seeing for some time if I do get this project up and running.
    That's all I have to say. Ta!}

    So, salutations to all of you! I will simply be known as, "The Pure Spectre", for those of you wondering, and I have a simple question for all of you:

    Do you want to help create a game with me?

    Yes, I want to create a game, and I will need lots of help!

    The game will be called "Trojan Veil", currently still just a simple idea, but I want this simple idea to become a reality, an interactive RPG game.

    It will be made on RPG Maker MV.

    The plot right now simply goes as follows:

    You are a blacksmith (who for right now is currently unnamed, he will get a name eventually) who lives in the modern era of the 21st century, but unlike the 21st century today, power is actually a difficult resource to find, thus is only created for the rich and powerful. The best way to describe the setting, is if the medieval era had modern tech, but only few could have energy to said tech, and if magic and monsters were real. You, the blacksmith, had been convicted for the murder of your own wife and child 10 years ago. You, and only you, know that you weren't the one to kill them, yet everyone only see's all of the evidence pointing to you being a killer. After being released, you go back to your days of blacksmithing, until you find that there is a bounty pointing towards a guy (who the details of which are currently not yet created either) who is said to be a threat to the whole monarchy that you reside in. You decide that if you kill the man, or at least, make sure he can't hurt the monarchy, you would be forgiven and pardoned by the monarchy, and be someone who would no longer be looked at with a face of fear or disgust, but be looked at with faces of happiness, and respect. So you get permission from the monarchy's sibling family, who the names of which are Megananth (Meg), Leniac (Niac), Decretale (Decre), and Alomanian (Aloma), who say that the man must be either killed, captured, or convinced to make a ceasefire, depending on who you ask, and you set off to different lands, meeting characters of many colors, shapes and sizes, getting stronger as you go, and discovering the truths behind the mysteries and questions that plague your mind.

    So yeah, if that plot sound ridiculous in any way, it may get more ridiculous along development.

    {EDIT: Currently taken positions:

    Anyway, the current people I need for this game are:

    Someone who can code and/or script (For changing the UI setup with a new look with different fonts, and possibly some other things down the line)

    An Artist(s) (For stuff like battle sprites, overworld sprites, backgrounds, and talksprites [Possibly tilesets as well])

    And possibly a writer (For writing out the main text events, and planning out main events in the game)

    If you are wondering where I fit in this, I will be the main person actually making the game itself, in that I will be making the maps, weapons, stats, the events, battles, the playable thing. I will also be taking part in making the soundtrack, though what I will be using will be limited in what it can do in terms of the high-end music composing software today, so that's why I need another person for making the soundtrack.

    Because this is in the early stages of development, I may need more people to help in the near future. Or maybe not, we'll have to see.

    Also, here is a note;
    If you're an artist, don't worry, there probably isn't going to be a set art style for the whole game, since I plan on making diverse areas for the game itself. That's part of the reason why I put "Artist(s)" and not just "Artist".

    Also another note:

    You must have a Discord account. It will be a lot easier to create the game this way.

    This is something that will be for probably no money, unless if I can work something out later if this game will go up on steam for any money, maybe something like sharing profits. I'm honestly fine with not having 100% of the profit if that is something we do, I'm not real greedy, I just want to create an enjoyable game that people can at least say, "Hey, that game I just played, it may have had its flaws, but it wasn't too bad overall." Though, don't count on it entirely.

    You can comment on this thread if you want to help, or just straight up message me in private, I will give my Discord details through said private messages.

    Pure Spectre, over and out!
  2. Moved to Project Recruitment. Please post in the correct section next time. (cheeky)
  3. Sorry. I'm kinda new, and I didn't look at the fourms thoroughly. Will do next time.
  4. It's all good! Good luck with this project ^^
  5. I'm a writer! Amateur to be modest&honest, but I have my moments, and I'd love to pro bono this game with you! I like this fresh idea of setting a high fantasy/vengeance story in modern times. I have some thoughts and ideas if you'd take them, but email me for more info at "ch793238@gmail.com". I'll send my Discord info from there! Ciao!
  6. Sorry for the late reply, I don't have as much time as I would like now that summer's over, just PM me when you get the chance, and we can get started. I already have a writer, but I've decided I'll take another one, but you'll be the only one besides the one we have now.

    -The Pure Spectre

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