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Custom Loading Screens?

Discussion in 'MV Support' started by Alice Bunny, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Hey everybody, I'm just here for some more help regarding my project!

    I'm interested in using my own loading screens in place off the default MV Loading screens. I downloaded CompanionWulf's "Random Loading..." plugin to help, since I want the game to randomly cycle 10 images that I made for it. But I can't get it to work. I've added the images to the System folder, deleted and reintroduced the Now Loading... default image, etc. Nothing works. It just shows the usual screen. Any help?
  2. #2 Companion Wulf, Apr 15, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
    Hi @Alice Bunny. Just noticed this. If I remember (off the top of my head), the images go in the img/system folder of your project. They're named Loading1, Loading2, etc. all the way up to (in your case) Loading10. Keep the default image in the folder as well. Make sure the Total Loading parameter equals 10 as well.

    Also, bear in mind that depending on your computer's speed and the format your final game takes (such as WebGL for websites), the Loading... screens can be really quick; sometimes they don't seem to show at all.

    If you get specific errors, please post them here. It would help. I'll tailor this to just the Loading screens for now, if you like, and then will post an updated link.Here or in IM, whichever you choose. I'm going to upload an updated version of the Randomize Title/Game Over Images plugin.

    EDIT: On balance, I don't think it's viable (any more) to have randomized Loading screens. If you still want this, then I can look at it more closely and create one. MV has changed a bit since this original plugin was written, so this might also cause it not to work properly.

    I don't use MV much nowadays, so the blog itself hasn't been updated in awhile. That also probably means that it doesn't work fully with the new versions. Unfortunately, much of my time evaporates; I've taken on too many projects (again!) and trying to regain the balance LOL.
  3. Ah, I understand. I was just about to message you back and say that maybe the latest updates to MV are what caused it to stop working.(confused) I'm running 1.5.0 right now and don't plan on updating anytime soon, so only if you're feeling it, an updated version of the plugin seems pretty great! It's the only one of it's kind that I could find lol, and I'm terrified of touching the scripts in my heavily-worked project.(tears) Thank you so much for answering, and it's nice to message you directly for the first time. :)
  4. I have v1.5.2 and don't intend to update yet either (although I think it's still set to automatically update through Steam). I actually rewrote the entire plugin the other day, but made it more dynamic and easier to use. It's only the randomized title and game over screens, What I'll do on my next days off from work is the randomized loading screen for you. I'll make a WebGL test game and test it.
  5. Thanks so much! (glee)
  6. If you follow this here below you can easily re-use this with no plugins needed.


    This will work every time you call it as a common event on the map! (cute)(icecream)
  7. Thank you, I'll try it out! :)

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