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Default Theme/Dark Theme

Discussion in 'FORUM Feedback, Suggestions, and Help' started by Isaac The Red, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. ok, I have to say something as for a brief moment I switched to the default forum theme and was immediately regretting every eyeball burning second of it.

    It's not ALL bad, once your eyes are dead enough to be able to see [aka adjusted to the bindingness of it all] The layout is arguably better than the Dark Theme. I've been using the dark theme since I first joined the forum, before that new default theme was ever a thing.

    Much of this is my personal opinion mind you, but Stark White Background with Cyan accents. It's hard to read. And it hurts my eyes to look at it. And I'm wearing special glasses to make looking at digital screens for extended time be less stressful for the eyes, and that theme just blinds me.

    Please, add a more toned down version of that theme. That isn't so blinding. Feature wise, the top banner, popping into view and out of view as you scroll, is jarringly distracting when i use... on a cellphone that's kind of acceptable, because of how elongated pages can become, but on a PC that's not necessary. I can get to the top of the page in a single keyboard stroke.

    These are just some thoughts I had in the breif time I tried to use the default theme it hopes it would make the resource section less clustered together and messy. Unfortunately for me It just made it harder to read anything.

    Ignore me if you want, I just needed to rant about that for a moment. Because ow. blinding white.
  2. What is the name of the theme you're referring to?
    I can't seem to find one with a solid white background.

    Screenshots of these would help us see what you're talking about.
  3. The default theme Xenith or whatever lol. It's better laid out overall than the dark theme [only two different themes show up in the list for me] But wow the white background with Cyan text on nav buttons and stuff are hard to read, and makes the pages difficult to look at for an extended time overall.

    This is partially personal preference, and partially my sensitive eyes, super bright light gives me splitting headaches. Mainly just saying it would be nice to have another theme option that has the newer layout of that theme, but with a more toned down brightness for ease of reading. ^^;
  4. Thank you!
    I will pass this feedback on to @Xyphien, who is the one who makes and maintains all of the themes.
  5. I have completely removed the Dark Theme from the site.

    In return, I've added Abyss, which is the Dark version of this theme. All the features, etc. of the default theme are now available in a light version as well!
  6. This blew my mind because I was on the Dark Theme and I switch back just now to see all of this. pretty cool and looks nice! Abyss theme pretty cool too!
  7. Damn @Xyphien this is one sexy theme. You deserve an award for this one ;)
    Here have some of @sage homemade ice cream (icecream)(icecream)
  8. Do not test me.
  9. This new Abyss theme is great! Having both light and dark themes following the same general style keeps the whole forum feel consistent between users. And for me personally, keeps the forum very readable. :D
  10. I think the blue banner thing where it displays members and points is too glaring in dark theme

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