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Do we know if they plan on expanding the Character generator?

Discussion in 'MV Discussion' started by Pixie_Virus, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. The generator is a fantastic tool, and as someone who currently does not have any way to add my personally drawn characters (not that I could perfectly match the MV style anyway), far more choices would be fantastic. I definitly wish all the faces went across male and female, and actual ability to make more child characters would be great. It seems like it could be far more than it is. I'd even buy a larger generator for a separate price at this point.
  2. Any future releases I believe will contain new and enhanced features

    So we will wait and see

    As far as I know rpg maker MV is being updated on steam and stand alone

    So it's up to yoji ohjima and kadokawa to implement new features
  3. I believe adding your own faces to RPG MV is not that hard. But there quite some addons to find on this and other websites. (well I can't give any links here, but assuming there is some work done on this topic hopefully). RPG Maker is as far as I see it very simple. Give the basics and let you do the rest. Now we not coders can use free plugins for extra ways of gameplay. Use premade sprites if we can't make those and use premade hairstyles to add to our generator

    I'm also still figuring stuff out, but I don't think they will really expand the generator that much if at all as RPG Mv is already quite old and I didn't see any changes the past 2 years (Or i'm blind but hey)

    just trying to help )_(

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