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DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core v1.03a

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Oct 24, 2015
DoubleX submitted a new resource:

DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core(Test Ver) - To be an easy, simple and user-friendly, yet powerful atb system

This plaugin serves as the core plugin implementing all atb system essentials
Even though this plugin is still complete, right now it's still the testing version, so it can be extremely bug prone lol

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*@param battle_system_code
*@descSets the code indicating if ATB, CTB or the default battle system will
* be used as battle_system_code
*Available codes for...
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v0.00c(GMT 1400 24-11-2015):
1. Fixed database falsely returning database not loaded on game start
2. Fixed BattleManager properties falsely belonging to Game_Battler
3. Fixed undefined this when raising the battler's refresh flags
4. Fixed are_patb_battler_changed not referenced by this due to typo
5. Fixed atb bars not drawing properly due to note passing fill rate
6. Invalid configuration and/or notetag values will log error messages
7. The param descriptions and plugin help become more helpful to users
8. Increased this plugin's extensibility, readability and robustness
v0.00b(GMT 0000 24-11-2015):
1. Fixed changing max atb value not rechecking battler actability
2. Fixed null this when reading <operator max patb val: val> notetag
3. Fixed update state turns not working in the default battle system
4. Fixed description, params and help not loading due to typo
5. Fixed battler atb clock update not triggering due to typo
6. Fixed action set item passing the null argument due to typo
7. Fixed undefined function error when updating atb frame due to typo
8. Fixed failed party escape not resetting actors' atb values in delay
9. Fixed passing wrong color argument type when drawing actor atb bars
10. Simplified operator in <operator max patb val: val>
11. Increased this plugin's efficiency, extensibility and modularity
v0.00d(GMT 0100 27-11-2015):
1. Exposed more easy, simple and user-friendly plugin calls
2. Increased this plugin's efficiency and user-friendliness

v0.00e(GMT 1300 29-11-2015):
1. Fixed not refreshing all input windows upon turn end
2. Fixed not returning the reevaluated sum of all battlers' agi
3. Fixed not clearing the sum of all battlers' agi upon battle start
4. Fixed not raising refresh and update flags upon battler atb reset
5. Fixed undefined updateEvent due to typo
6. Fixed duplicate battle event updates upon turn end
7. Fixed resetting atb always clearing the atb values on restrict
8. Added atb_rate_code abs_agi
9. Updated some outdated documentations
10. Increased this plugin's extensibility, modularity and robustness
v0.00f(GMT 1200 9-12-2015):
1. Fixed concat the active flag of the actor command window instead of the window itself
2. Fixed not refreshing the actor atb bars upon resetting atb values
3. Updated some outdated documentations
4. Increased this plugin's extensibility, modularity and readability
v0.00g(GMT 1400 30-12-2015):
1. Fixed undefined data in Game_Battler.prototype.patb_note_data bug
2. Fixed used the undefined any instead of some function for Array bug
3. Fixed missed return in Array filter function bug
4. Increased this plugin's compactness, modularity and readability
Added this video:
v1.00a(GMT 0400 23-1-2016):
1. Outsourced the ctb feature to the CTB addon
2. Fixed same name patb_rate for both a property setter and function
3. Fixed actors added during battles having unitiailized atb statuses
4. Fxied undefined textWidth in draw_actor_patb bug
5. Fixed trying to read meta from null equip bug
6. Fixed undefined this_ and patb_color due to typo bug
7. Fixed unitialized max atb value upon battle start bug
8. Fixed executing next action before finishing the current one bug
9. Fixed actor window not completely covering status window bug
10. Actor poses can be chaotic when actor input actions or battle ends
11. Added some missing documentations
12. Incrased this plugin's compactness, modularity and simplicity
13. 1st completed version of this plugin finished
v1.00b(GMT 0900 27-1-2016):
1. Fixed active hidden actor command window after closing all windows
2. Fixed not updating status windos and incorrect actor window x position in unavailable battle system codes
3. Fixed actor not able to execute autobattle/confusion actions with max atb value notetag used
4. Fixed actor not able to do anything if becoming autobattle or restricted when inputable bug
5. max_atb_val must be at least 10000 times larger than 2 ^ -52
6. atb gain rate must be at least 2 ^ -52 * max atb value * 100 per frame
7. Confused battlers can execute confused actions ahortly after removing confusion
8. Next/prior command can cause actor selections to appear chaotic
9. The battle turn clock can be disabled as using an unavailable unit
10. Increased this plugin's compatibility, modularity and readability
v1.00c(GMT 1000 31-1-2016):
1. Fixed not updating the battler atb rate due to changing the battler agi without changing the base atb rate bug
2. Fixed not refreshing actor atb bar upon reset with delay fill mode
3. Fixed not updating the status window when executing actions bug
v1.00d(GMT 0400 7-2-2016):
1. Fixed not updating the status window when executing actions bug
2. Fixed actor input windows not deactivating upon being uninputable
3. Fixed forbidden party escape freezing the party command window bug
4. Loosens the coupling between core, charge, cooldown and speed addon
5. Removed some excessive couplings and added some code documentations
v1.01a(GMT 0300 20-2-2016):
1. Lets users set whether actor atb bar will be shown on status window
2. Fixed inactive actor command window not being closed immediately
3. Fixed not refreshing the inputable actor upon confirming input bug
v1.01b(GMT 1400 31-5-2016):
1. Fixed the unmovable battlers having nonempty atb bug in start addon
2. Improved this plugin's effectiveness, efficiency and readibility
v1.01c(GMT 1000 5-6-2016):
1. Fixed not updating unmovable battlers' max atb and countdown states
2. Improved this plugin's effectiveness, efficiency and readibility
v1.01d(GMT 0800 19-6-2016):
1. Fixed maximum atb value being possible to be nonpositive bug
v1.01e(GMT 0500 15-7-2016):
1. Upgraded to support the latest version of PATB Order
2. Increased this plugin's effectiveness, efficiency and readibility
v1.01f(GMT 1400 12-8-2016):
1. Fixed empty atb_bar_text being converted to 0 bug
2. PATB notetags won't be loaded more than once per game execution
3. Increased this plugin's effectiveness, efficiency and simplicity
v1.02a(GMT 0600 20-8-2016):
1. Added max_linked_input_actors
v1.02b(GMT 0500 17-9-2016):
1. Fixed max_linked_input_actors not working when there are 3+ inputable actors at the same time with no one having Action Times +
2. Lets you set max_linked_input_actors as negative to disable it
P.S.: max_linked_input_actors won't work well with any inputable actor having Action Times+, which can only be fixed by rewriting the entire PATB system, so I don't think I'll go for that extra mile

*      v1.02c(GMT 0500 11-8-2017):                                          
*      1. Fixed the 1st actor becoming inputable not performing the waiting 
*         pose bug


Oct 24, 2015
Added PATB Patch(Cinnamon)
 *      v1.02d(GMT 1500 13-8-2017):                                          
*      1. Increased this plugin's extensibility, modularity and robustness
 *      v1.03a(GMT 1200 26-8-2017):                                          
*      1. Added no_prior_actor