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    Hello Dear People I am an Artist an are currently drawing Manga like,
    FaceSets for My RPGM MV Game.

    As I enjoy drawing, anime like characters, I could also draw your FaceSets.
    Wont be expensive though ;-) Feel free to send me your requests.

    Down below an Image of one of my works so far. Of course there are more ...


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  2. Approximately how much per face?
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    well I do charge a fee but the amount depends on how much FaceSets or emotions i have to draw. But it wont be more then 5 € for one drawing. So one example one Character Design would be 5 € + five emotions 20 € = 5 € Discount On first Request but also there is room for negotiation.

    If some wants the original files - like PSD or other would need to pay extra. Also if somebody wants complete rights on that image would also be extra.
    The free of charge common File Format will be PNG or if wished JPEG with a resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels 300 DPI.

    Extra Resolutions may be negotiable.

    There also can be a priority option that means i will give preference to a priority request and finish this request earlier. Of course with a extra fee.

    Best Regards Nador-Sin

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