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Easy to use programs to create apk in RPG Maker MV

Discussion in 'MV Tutorials' started by firecat, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone, if your like me you have almost no understanding how android works. Have no fear because after many many searches of google's messy results, these 5 (one here) are the answer to everything. A little bit of warning though, while these programs/solutions do have results to build apk, the problems you face in any rpg maker mv android still exist.

    1) Most recommended - https://websitetoapk.com
    first user to discover it: Phil N. Schipper

    This is the most easy, the thing we wanted in rpg maker mv. The only problem is that while yes you can make a apk, no limits or ads attach. The signature which google is currently making all developers do has a price tag ($10 for a single app is a very good deal). Thus this program is the best choice for a hobbyist.

    p.s the apk is unrelease debug if you export on free version.

    2) Most used - http://www.hbgames.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=48&p=939401
    user: Xilef

    This does somewhat require coding but following step by step guide is easy. Very customizable and you can get your app sign by following another article (it is easier than i first thought). People are happy to help and it is updated a lot.

    3) If you really hate coding - https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/inde...er-mv-to-android-exporter-tool-by-mbty.91386/
    user: MBTY

    I test it out to make sure and it really does work. However if you plan on building bigger projects like i have with many plugins and images, then you may face problems like i did. It is good for basic fun rpg maker mv intended but adding it plugins will cause random results.

    4) Mac and linux users can do it too - http://web2apk.com/create.aspx

    The only way i can think of for mac users to get android is by website to apk. this site may not have everything or signature like the ones you find in paid programs but it does the job right. I'm very sorry i did try to find one for mac or online but this was the only one with no ads or money invoid. Alternatively you can do this yourself by learning to build a basic apk and iframe understanding. uploading your html game can be easy done too in any free website builder.

    5) pay someone to do it - only the rich or people who ran kickstarter can do this QQ
    self explanatory.

    Hope these help guys, i found no answers to free signature apps in programs ran by business. While some do look like they offer free apk, it always comes down to awful things happening to the apk. Phonegap is one of many i tried, unfortunately you have to learn github and that is learning to code. Linux users im sorry, i did not find one program for you guys. making apk is easier than it was 5 years ago, back then you only had Android studio (i think). thank you for reading, any questions or feedback is welcome, any new discovery will be added.

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