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Final Fantasy XII - Role Play

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by DarcHiro, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. A few of us were joking around and came up that we could make a lot of us as the Final Fantasy XII characters. I am Vaan...

    Anyways... I'm just being super hyped that I'm on an airship.
  2. Running a hand through his hair, Balthier stood up and stepped away from the controls of the Strahl, signalling to his partner, Fran, to handle the flying. As he stepped to the back of the ship, he cast his eyes over the cache of loot they'd brought back from their earlier haul. Pulling down the bag from its overhead compartment, he unclipped it and began separating the loot across the floor, dividing it by weight-to-value ratio. The most valuable items that weighed the least could easily be sold to those who'd buy at a high price whilst the heavier and less valuable treasures could be flogged off at a local bazarr.

    "How far away are we from Rabanastre?" Balthier called out to Fran, his eyes still transfixed on their treasure.
  3. Vaan danced around the ship and tossed a gil in the air. Brushing some dirt of his pants and vest he smiled, "Still as quiet as ever, Huh Fran @Amysaurus? I think we're almost there though!"

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