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Forum Information!

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by Xyphien, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. #21 Xyphien, Jan 14, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2016
    1453054216_Animals_Crocodile.png Operation Dinosaur Layout (Name by @Amysaurus ) has been initiated! More from this will be visible throughout the weekend.

    We also have 2 new graphics team members: @DarcHiro and @EvilChibi! Congratulations, and welcome to the team you two! I'm looking forward to working with you guys :) - Copied from a post by @Amysaurus

    WE JUST HIT OUR 2.5k MARK! Half way to 5k members, and 1/4 way to 10k! It's a HUGE achievement! Check out this thread for for a giveaway! http://www.rpgmakermv.co/threads/2-5k-member-giveaway.1909/
  2. [​IMG] Operation Dinosaur Layout has now been finished *For the most part*

    Thanks to @Amysaurus for coming up with the new structure/layout of the forums! I have finally got everything up and running! I've rearranged the forums, added some areas, renamed others, etc. All to make the forums more clean, and organized.

    The blue dot has now *Finally* been changed to a red asterisk! While also added a read, and unread image to it. Now you can see the unread being a bright red, and the read being a transparent red. This is also available on the Light Theme as well!
  3. Light theme has been taken down momentarily. I do not have any idea as to when it will be back up, but from the update we did yesterday the light theme has been severely bugged, and some areas are completely unreadable, and down right ugly. I'm currently working on fixing the theme, but I fear I might have to revert the whole theme to it's original form, and go through and re-add everything manually. This will take a long time, the light theme could be down for a while. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and I'll try to have it up as fast as possible.
  4. We have just reached 3k members as well as 20k posts today! Tis an amazing feat!

    As a result, here is a sneak peek at our theme. It's still in extreme alpha, but nonetheless here it is!

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  5. The new theme is now up and functional!

    Clicking the icon in the red square will allow you to change the background! We currently have 7 backgrounds (Including the default) to choose from!
  6. We have 2 new themes added! A light, and dark theme of MV-Tan!

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  7. With @HotfireLegend becoming our latest Staff, and the new WebDev position given to him, we have been going through the updates with the new theme. We now have new colors for the staff, updated, and fixed almost all issues found with the new theme, etc.

    This being said, we will be removing the old theme here soon, as the BETA version for the new theme is almost done. Once we fix all these bugs the old theme will be removed.
  8. Hello fellow RMMVers! We will possibly be going temporarily offline here sometime today, or tomorrow. We have no scheduled time for exactly when this could occur, however, it is for a good cause. We will be updating to SSL (Https), and we will be changing all domains to go into the new https domain. If the site is down, or you're having troubles logging in, etc. It is because our Hosting company is upgrading the site for us, and it should be fixed within 24 hours if anything does go down.
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  9. Bada Bing, Bada Boom! I've added 2 new badges. Party Starter and Q&A Master.
    partystarter.png Party Starter - Living up the community by making very high quality, and conversation starting posts outside of the off topic forum section. Members who actively try to engage and cause people to communicate more on the forum will recieve this badge.Living up the community by making very high quality, and conversation starting posts outside of the off topic forum section. Members who actively try to engage and cause people to communicate more on the forum will recieve this badge.

    thought.png Q&A Master - Have 25 people vote your answer on MV Help as Best Answer!
  10. Congratulations @Mr. Trivel and @DoubleX on becoming our first week's Featured Resource. Every week we will be featuring 3 resources on the resource page. The person who made the resources will then be given a featured resource badge, as well as has their resource on the featured section of the resource page.

    The three resources are:
    Popup by @Mr. Trivel - https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/popups.630/
    Enemy EXP Change by @Mr. Trivel - https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/enemy-exp-change.618/
    DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Bar by @DoubleX - https://rpgmakermv.co/resources/doublex-rmmv-popularized-atb-bar.631/
  11. More badges have been added to the forum! I've also changed a resource.

    merchant.png Known Across the world has been changed from requiring 30 resources uploaded to 25. As a result it has been lowered from 20 XP given to 15.

    1year.png Anniversary - Be registered for 1 years.
    2years.png 2 years of service - Be registered for 2 years.
    web.png Resource Webbing - Upload 50 resources.
    network.png Resource Networker - Upload 100 resources.
    global.png Resource Master - Upload 250 resources.
  12. We have a brand new background added to the forums! @Mr. Trivel made an amazing background that has been accepted, and added to the forums! Everyone give @Mr. Trivel a thank you for making a background for the site when you get the chance :)

  13. We have a new moderator here on the forums! Congratulate @MinisterJay for his well earned role at Moderator!

    As requested by the moderator a few weeks ago, I have finally added a referral system to the forum! https://rpgmakermv.co/invite/ here you can now invite your friends, other RMMVers, etc. either by email, or using a referral code. Example being https://rpgmakermv.co/invite/redirect?referrer=Xyphien as my referral link.

    With the new referral system, we will be adding at least 3 new badges onto the forums relating to Referrals. These will more than likely be from referring 5, 10, 25 members. Of course, we will add more as members start to achieve the final badge :) These will be coming soon, hopefully later today.
  14. I've added 3 new badges as stated above, and re-imaged another badge.

    post.png Post Lover - has been changed to the current image.

    Plus.png Invitinator - Invite 1 member into the forums using your invite code.
    invitinator.png Referral - Invite 5 members into the forums using your invite code.
    community.png Invitinator - Invite 10 members into the forums using your invite code.
  15. 3 new badges have been added. Thanks to @MinisterJay for suggesting them!

    Wiki Linki:
    Contributing 25 wiki articles to the forum

    Wiki Fanatic:

    Contributing 50 wiki articles to the forum

    Wiki All Nighter:

    Contributing 100 wiki articles to the forum
  16. We just hit a quarter of 100k posts!!!!!! and almost 5k members!!! This is a great day for RMMV.co!

    As such, PM me and one lucky person will win a free game on steam!!! Thanks to http://www.gamehandout.com for donating the game!
  17. Game Battles is now Live! Game Battles is an amazing new addition to the forums! Here you are now able to post your game and or demo and have another person do the same. The community will then chose which game they deem is the better game, and you will go down in the Hall o' Fame! The more you use Game Battles the higher rank you are, and the more exposure to your game you will have! It's a fun way to both get constructive criticism, see how your game faces against other games, and get a lot of exposure and game plays!

    Sticky Topics Change: We have made the global sticky topics show up above regular sticky topics, and regular sticky topics are now highlighted. This way you can tell which is globally stickied, and which ones are locally stickied. I feel this will help distinguish some things, and provide a sense of knowing which one is stickied in the area you're in and which one isn't. This is something that bothered me throughout the time of the new theme change, and is something I've finally fixed :)
  18. I've added 2 new small updates to the resource section. I've added tabs on the homepage of the resources. This way you can click on Submission Date, Top Ratings, Top Downloads, and Titles. This way you don't have to view just the recently updated pages on the homepage of the resource section.

    I've also added a review section right under the download button. This will hopefully help people to rate resources when they download them. In case they didn't see the rating section, or didn't look it will be easily available for them to rate resources.
  19. The wiki will be down today. We're in the process of attempting to upgrade it to the latest build. Whilst this is happening the wiki will not be up. Everything should be fixed, and up later today.
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